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Aesthetics Level-Wide Programmes


To provide students of Punggol Secondary School multiple pathways and opportunities to success: Moral, Cognitive, Physical, Social and Aesthetics (德智体群美) focusing on the aesthetics domain. This is to realise our school vision of nurturing students to become “Achievers with Character”, 21st Century Gentleman and Lady. In the process of acquiring new skills, students will develop and display school values of Propriety, Righteousness, Integrity, Self-respect (义廉耻) in the process of aesthetics appreciation.



Dancesport Programme

Students are exposed to the learning of Dance genre in a 15-hr programme, during the first half of the year. During the process, students would be able to inculcate skills of perspective taking by taking on the leader and follower role, as well as self-reflection through the process of journal writing. Students will graduate with basic certification through theory and practical testing. Interested participants will also receive intense and advance training to showcase their talents through different platforms such as Open House. 


Music Percussion Programme

The music art form is being implemented to all Secondary Two students. In this module, students are exposed to traditional hand percussion such as the Djembe, Conga and Bongo. Besides learning drumming fundamentals such as rhythm, beat counts and hand drumming grooves or styles, students are also able to benefit from cognitive stimulation as drumming requires the brain to adapt to new coordination challenges. Students are also able to develop socially as often traditional drums are played in groups known as the “drum circles”.  


AES5.jpgThe Synergy Concert is a biennial Aesthetics Concert where all Aesthetics CCAs come together to showcase their passion and talents. Synergy Concert 2016 was held in SOTA on 8 July, and in view of the school’s 60 th Anniversary, the Aesthetics CCAs came together to put up a musical – “Pei Dao Spirit”, to portray the school history. Following the life of Joey, a shy student who struggles to make friends and achieves good academic results, her personal boundaries are challenged when she meets ‘Pei Dao’, the school’s ethos and values personified in the form of a superhero character in the story. ‘Pei Dao’ encourages her through the anecdotes of the school’s history, forcing her to move out of her comfort zone by sharing timeless tales of courageous leaders the school has encountered in its 60 years. With the help of some peers who guide her along, Joey finally musters enough courage to embrace her love for singing and ultimately finds her voice. Our wish is for all our students to find their own voices in their personal journeys of self-discovery.

In June 2016, the Aesthetic Committee organized a day of workshops to expose fellow staff to various Aesthetics forms. Choices were given to teachers and they will choose one art form for them to explore. 2D Art forms like Scraper Board Art, 3D Yarn Art, jumping clay were introduced. Teachers who likes music learnt to play Ukelele/Guitar, while others who loves baking, learn to bake Apple Pie / Egg Tart making. At the end of the 2-hour session, teachers showcased what they had learnt. Sweet surprises were seen as all Punggolite Teachers are all talented and able to learn something new in a short period of time.



Our various aesthetics groups are often invited to perform at various public events held by community centres and organizations around the Punggol Vicinity. Here are some examples of the many performances by our aesthetic groups.
  • Performance at Punggol West Family Day at Punggol 21 CC by ELDDS
  • Performance at Punggol West National Day Observance Ceremony at Punggol 21 CC by Guzheng and Dance. 
  • Performance by TLDDS for the Punggol Street Parade.