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Cyber Wellness Programme

In Punggol Secondary, in addition to 4 hours of curriculum time for the explicit delivery of the Cyber Wellness lessons by Form Teachers, programmes are planned with accordance to MOE’s 3-step process of ‘Sense, Think and Act’

This is to develop our students’ astuteness in cyber space and positive actions in using technologies ethically and responsibly.

Cyber Wellness Ambassadors (21st Century “Cyberspace”君子)


2014 marks the first time our school promotes Cyber Wellness through peer education. Students were appointed as Cyber Wellness Ambassadors in every class. This is an effort by our school to provide an external platform to complement and support the Cyber Wellness education as part of our values curriculum. 

Every month, the appointed Cyber Wellness Ambassadors will present and discuss different topics like Cyberbullying, Computer Security and Copyright issues with their classmates during Form Teacher time and through an online Cyber Wellness Google Site (http://tinyurl.com/psscwa) a brainchild of our Star Ambassadors. The Cyber Wellness Ambassadors are reminded to be a positive influence and a role model to their peers in the cyberspace, a 21st Century “Cyberspace”君子.

“As a Cyber Wellness Ambassador, I try to tell my friends that it is wrong to bully students online. Although they do not always listen to me, I still try my best to convince and educate them."   

Jacky 2T1

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                                                     Sec 3 Cyberwellness Ambassador advocating on Anti-CyberBullying


                                               Sec 2 Cyberwellness Ambassador sharing on respecting intellectual property

Star Ambassadors


                                                        Tatshuhide (2D), Gordon (2N3), Tabitha (2E) and Christine (2B) 


                                                         Cyberwellness Star Ambassadors at CWSAP 2014 Conference

The Star Ambassadors are a team of 4 Secondary Two Cyber Wellness Ambassadors who are provided with a platform to be involved with the planning of Cyber Wellness programmes to drive adoption of positive cyber habits within the student community. They are Tatshuhide (2D), Gordon (2N3), Tabitha (2E) and Christine (2B).

In Semester 1, they represented the school at the Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Programme (CWSAP) 2014 Conference and shared their experience to the school during Morning Assembly. They also worked with our Teacher Coordinators (Mdm Rosmiyati and Mdm Vidya) to initiate, create and monitor a Cyber Wellness Google Site for all the classes' Cyber Wellness Ambassadors to place online articles.


                                                                          Star Ambassadors talking to the Sec 2


                                           Self-Initiated Cyberwellness Competition Sec 1 by Cyberwellness Star Ambassadors


Self-Initiated Cyberwellness Competition Sec 2 by Cyberwellness Star Ambassadors

In Semester 2, they promoted positive Cyber Wellness habits during school morning assembly and Year Head talks. In an effort to engage students in Cyber Wellness advocacy through discussions and formulation of peer advocacy projects, the Star Ambassadors initiated and co-run  Cyber Wellness competitions (Sec 1 and 2) with Teacher Coordinators. At the end of the year, they will represent us at the annual Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors’ Conference (CWSAC), in a bid to achieve recognition for their school efforts. 

“As a Star Ambassador, I want to create a competition to get all my peers to work together for a Cyber Wellness effort. I am glad to be given this opportunity.”                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                                                                            Gordon 2N3

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