Moral ()

(A) Week 10 Programmes

 I.        Sec 1 VIA School Improvement

"When I was doing the project about the environment, I learnt about global warming and recycling. If we keep littering, the Earth will suffer. I have also learnt to discuss with my group properly. I was nervous during the presentation because I kept forgetting my script."  

Irwin Tan 1N1

“At first, I did not expect our VIA project would get selected. We were shocked and surprised that the idea was selected to be carried out. We planned and implemented the improvements to the fitness corner throughout the week. Some of our classmates joined us in the painting of the low wall. My group enjoyed the painting but we had to face our fear of stage fright when we presented to Secondary One. I think the whole learning process was fun and enjoyable and we need to thank the teachers that helped us along the way. I also learnt that we can achieve much with teamwork and courage.” 

Bryce 1D

II.         Sec 2 NYAA Camp

“I had learnt the basic skills to build a tent. It was indeed a challenge for us. Most of us were unsure on how to build the tent as it was not the basic tent but the six sleeper tent. But with the help from our facilitators and teachers, we are able to construct the tent successfully. I also want to learn more about the basic parts of a tent. During the camp, we have learnt more about the skeleton and the basic skills needed to pitch a tent. What I have learnt in this camp was with determination and teamwork from my peers, we are able to achieve our goals together.”

Divya 2B

III.        Sec 3 VIA Overseas Learning Journey

“This expedition was an intriguing and fruitful one, packed with joy and learning, over at Saujana Asahan in Tangkak, Malaysia. As we practiced values in action, we learnt how to help others overcome obstacles. We also bonded as a class and as a cohort. I learnt the importance of effective communication through activities like trekking, high elements, painting at village and teaching at local school. Overall, it was an enriching experience for me.”

Zidane Tiew 3B

“I feel that the VIA trip for the Secondary 3 students was a great opportunity for us to showcase our skills and be able to bond not just with the class but also with the entire cohort. My class definitely became closer during the trip because the trip really needed us to put in a lot of teamwork and made us work together. When I had to lead the class in the cheer and performance for the camp fire, I learnt to be patient as getting the entire class to cooperate is not easy. I also realized how lucky we are to have good education. I also managed to live independently as our parents were not with us during the trip. I had to self-manage. In terms of skills, I became more resilient during the trekking activity and high elements. The trip has definitely benefitted me because I have learnt a lot of skills, especially leadership.”

Alicia Toh 3N1

“I have learnt that it is very important to show respect to one another. Taking care of one another and having fun with each other are what I had learnt during our VIA trip. I was exposed to new experiences such as trekking, painting houses and teaching small kids. This trip helped to strengthen our class bonding as well as experience new skills and techniques I can apply in my daily life. I also feel fortunate to have good education. I think we should be happy with what we have. “Always look at the glass of milk half full than half empty” is what I tell myself after the trip. During the trekking, I have learnt to persevere all the way and not give up. No matter how tired I am physically and mentally, I will keep going. When we saw beautiful scenery at the end of the trekking, I learnt that hard work always pays off. The feeling of accomplishing something was simply superb.”

Vanessa Tsao 3N1

IV.        Sec 4 Project Resilience

“During the walk, I kept on motivating my friends by telling them that they can do it. I am proud of myself even though I am feeling very tired and feeling the pain throughout my legs. This is the first time I walked 26km without giving up. I learnt that no matter what happens, I must always persuade myself to continue on. I really think that this programme is awesome and I enjoyed myself through this experience. I will always remember that even if I did not do well for my common tests, I must not give up and try my very best for the next test.”

Su Wei Lin 4N1

“I never thought that I can complete the 26km walk. I will definitely carry on this resilience I have in me to my national examinations. I now understand the saying ‘mind over matter’. The company around me makes the whole journey meaningful. I should learn not to take anything for granted and Project Resilience teaches me to appreciate even the simplest things, like water.”

Spencer Tan 4C

“Some things that I have learnt through this project is that I have learnt to be patient, never give up easily and persevere. I have also learnt to encourage my friends around me and help them when they need my help. The walk was very tiring but I am very satisfied with what I have achieved. I was very appreciative of my friends who were also motivating me and told me not to give up. I will change my attitude for the better and stay focus in class similar to how I was during the walk. This walk has taught me to listen to other people especially my teachers.”

Toh Jie Ying 4T1

(B) HDB Heartland Ambassador Programme

“We knocked from door to door spreading tips on being a good neighbour and energy conservation. It left me reflective of me as a neighbour. Considering we all live under one literal roof, we should be conscious and respectful of the other party just like how we want to be treated.”

Samuel Chong Yong Kang 3B

(C) Sec 2 VIA Programme at Lor Halus and Town

“We set up activity stations and booths in Lorong Halus for the students to learn more about it. This VIA program made me reflect on the amount of water we are wasting and how we should cherish the clean water we currently have by using water wisely.”

Tsoi Kin Yi 3A

Cognitive ()

(A) Humanities Learning Journey

I was one of the students that went for the History Learning Journey that was conducted by my History teacher, Mr Peh. At first I had mixed feelings about the trip as I had read and learnt about Singapore history previously. But during the Learning Journey, I was able to gain new knowledge about Singapore. I am grateful that I had the chance to go to the National Museum and Fort Canning Hill to learn more about Singapore's history. I now know that there are more undiscovered knowledge of Singapore that I hope to learn about it in the future.”

Siah Wei Heng 1D

(B) Learning with Chromebook Training 

I enjoyed using the Chromebook. The Chrome Store has many wonderful applets to help with our learning. I like how we can come together to create something together as a group. We learned how to work with each other very well using Chromebooks. I am looking forward to the one to one learning with Chromebook and cannot wait to own my own Chromebook!”

Husna 2T1

Physical ()

(A) Cross Country

 I feel that cross country is a good school event as it allows us to lead a healthy lifestyle and at the same time, unite the students together.

The best thing about cross country is we are able to learn and apply our school values in a fun and enjoyable way. For example, we can learn our school value; righteousness when we see rubbish on the floor, we will pick it up. That is doing the right thing. Other than that, when we see our friends struggling to finish the race, we can motivate them to persevere and not give up.

To sum it up, it’s all about believing in yourselves and knowing what your goals are.”

Zoey 1A

Social ()

(A) Internationalisation Programmes

I. VIA Cambodia

“The children were very adorable and longed for love. We became attached to them in the few minutes we spent with them and were emotional when we had to leave. They thanked us from the bottom of their hearts, and we felt the impact we created. We unanimously agreed that voluntary service should continue for the rest of our lives so that we can touch many lives.”

Sharifah 4B & Zahirah 4N2

 II. Japan Twinning Programme

“Even though we speak different languages, we managed to bond and even became close friends. 

Hence, I am very glad to have the chance to be able to participate in this trip. I even had the chance to talk to the Governor of Miyazaki and I felt much honoured. The school culture in Japan is such that they clean their classroom after every recess. So we brought this positive culture back to Punggol Secondary School and have different classes clean the canteen every Wednesday. In this way, we can remind ourselves to keep our area clean, for a better surrounding to study in.”

Sean Chng 3A

III. Sec 2 CCA Leaders Trip

“Today’s activity showed that being able to work in a team is very important. In rafting, if the team does not work together, chances of the raft capsizing is higher. I trusted my friends greatly in this activity. I was able to handle my stress and fear during the activity.”

Muhammad Faizal 3C

“Visiting the Orang Asli made us realize how fortunate we are to be able to use technologically advanced items today. When we entered the houses of the Orang Asli, all they had was firewood to cook their daily meals and other natural resources for their shelter. Despite the difficulties and hardship they experienced each day, this did not stop them from leading a simple happy life. They were really friendly and we had a wonderful time interacting with them."

Panupong Ling 3B, Siti Radhiah 3C & Darshini 3N1

Aesthetics ()

(A) Secondary 1 Dancesports Programme

“As I was advancing in my training, I learnt many interesting things about Samba. I learnt a little about the history of the dance - it is a Brazilian dance that originated in Africa. I realized that teamwork is very important for this dance as I need to coordinate with a partner. My flexibility has improved as well. After a few weeks of training, I have gained confidence in dancing to perform in front of my classmates. Thus I find that this skill I have picked up not only benefits me physically but has also helped me become a confident person. Taking part in this programme, has also taught me to be resilient and to never give up trying."

Nurfiqah & Justin Chew 1C