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Led by conductor Mr Marcus Lee, the Punggol Secondary Choir has grown to a total strength of 44 singers. Initially, it was an all-girls formation, but we have altered it to a mixed gender formation (SATB) since 2010, fulfilling our aim of recruiting not only female voices, but male voices as well.

This year, the choir was awarded a Certificate of Achievement (equivalent to a silver standard) at the biennial Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging Choir Competition in April. Besides mastering choral songs, the group has also successfully attempted a shift towards being a show choir in July’s Synergy concert, when the choir members performed their highly entertaining version of Bruno Mars medley and received raving reviews from the audience The choir also conducted local school exchanges with two other schools, Riverside Secondary School and Damai Secondary School in 2011 and aims to continue this effective learning exchange with various secondary schools at the end of the year, with the objective of developing the choir members’ potential to the fullest. Last but not the least, the Punggol Secondary Choir also aims to gain wider exposure through public and overseas performances. 

CCA Achievement: 





B-dazzled! 2016 show Choir Festival 

                  Diamond Award 
            Best Newcomer Award


Singapore Youth Festival (SYF)

Certificate of Distinction


B-dazzled Show Choir 2018

Platinum Award

Concert Appreciation at Esplanade
Concert Appreciation at Esplanade.jpg

Masterclass with Jude Bautista
Masterclass with Jude Bautista.jpg

SG50 concert at Victoria Concert Hall
SG50 concert at Victoria Concert Hall.jpg

School Exchange
School Exchange (1).jpg