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Punggol Secondary School Humanities Department

"The Humanities are the stories, the ideas, and the words that help us make sense of our lives and our world. The Humanities help us address the challenges we face together in our families, in our communities and as a nation.”      

- Lyn Maxwell White

 Department Key Personnel



Mr Shan Mugam Sidambaram

Head of Department/Humanities

Teacher: Social Studies

 Mr Md Shahrom Taha 

Teacher: History

Mr Jimmy Quek

Senior Teacher/Geography

Teacher: Geography

Department Staff



 Teaching Subjects


 Mr Md Shahrom Taha 



Ms Fulia Ng

History and Principles of Accounts


Mr Peh Aik Hui



 Mr Stephen Su



Mr Zulkefli B AbdShukor



 Ms Angeline Chew 



 Ms Elaine Lui

 Geography and English


 Mr Kelvin Lee

 Geography and Biology


Mdm Rosmiyati Bustami 

Geography and Social Studies


Mr Bobby Goh

Social Studies


 Ms Noor Hafizah Alwi

English and Social Studies


 Ms Sophia Chua

Social Studies and English


Ms Sindhya Varthini



 Mdm Noraini Bte Abdul Gani

History and Geography


Ms Deniisha



Ms Sally Tan

Social Studies and Literature


Achievers with Character, 21st Century 君子 Jun Zi


Every student an effective communicator in English, with an appreciation for the Humanities.


To provide students with a value-added education and opportunities to acquire knowledge, skills and values to deal confidently with future challenges.


A purpose-driven community of dedicated, dynamic and innovative teaching professionals to provide a value-added education for English Language and the Humanities, with care and concern.


Humanities Week (History, Geography & Social Studies)

  • Humanities Quiz
  • Environmental Protection Campaign
  • National Education Poster Exhibition
  • Geography Quest 
  • Drug free Campaign for a better world

Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys help to make real and concrete what has been learnt in classrooms and broaden the mental horizons of pupils.

  • Fort Siloso and Ford Motor Factory (History)

Pic 1.jpg

  • Punggol Waterway (Geography)

o   Sec 2 students at Former Ford Factory researching what life was like during Japanese Occupation. 

Pic 2.jpg

Pic 3.jpg

Students engaged in analysing the water content at Punggol Waterway.

  • Botanical Gardens (Geography)

Pic 4.jpg

Recce trip to the Botanical Gardens by the teachers

Pic 5.jpg

Students engaged in activities for the learning journey.

  • NEWater Plant (Geography)

Pic 6.jpg

Students watching an informative video.  

Pic 7.jpg

Students independently gathering information for their
 project based on NEWater in Singapore.

  • Social Studies issues investigation project


Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infused Lessons 
  • Google Sites & Google classroom (History)
Pic 9.jpg

Pic 10.jpg

Vialogues (Social Studies)

Pic 11.jpg

Pic 12.jpg

Students engaged in self-directed & collaborative learning as they watch videos and answer given questions to learn about the ageing population in Singapore.