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Secondary 2

Year Head 2

Mr Zulkefli Abd Shukor

Assistant Year Head 2

Mdm Lim Sijin


1. Subject Streaming Talk for our Secondary 2 students, 8 March 2019

2. National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) Camp, 11 - 13 March 2019


  • To impart the school values.
  • To develop self-confidence, resilience, and perseverance amongst students.
  • To encourage the sense of care and concern for others.
  • To promote team spirit, improve communication skills, and hence enhance social interaction via teambuilding activities.     
  • To contribute to students achieving NYAA Bronze Award  (Adventure). 


NYAA (bronze) is conducted as an introductory education for our secondary 2 cohort students on experiential learning and providing a platform where they can pursue for higher achievements when they can continue NYAA (silver) and NYAA (gold) awards in later years. This NYAA camp component is also a platform for the sec 3 student leaders to achieve the silver award. NYAA platform serves the school’s need in educating our students the CCE competencies in a relevant setting. This year the students will participate in outdoor cooking, basic first aid, wilderness etiquette and other team building activities.

3. Values-in-Action (Planned Service Learning activities to various places, e.g. Lorong Halus, HDB Ambassador programme, SPCA, etc )


  • To provide opportunity for students to learn and appreciate their living environment by becoming role models on good neighbourliness, responsible heartland living as well as to adopt water and energy conservation lifestyle.
  • To create opportunity for our students to demonstrate school value of Propriety ( ) and Righteousness () - Social Consciousness through educating others on gracious and eco-living.