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Academic Matters (HMTL and SBB) 

Students Who Qualify for Subject Based Banding (SBB)

Students who do well for certain subjects at the PSLE may be offered to take the subject(s) at a more demanding level.

Parents will be notified via Parents Gateway if their child/ward is offered any SBB subject(s). Please refer to Parents Gateway and submit the SBB Acceptance Form by 27 Dec 2022, 5 pm.

Students Who Qualify for Higher Mother Tongue Language (HMTL)

Students will be notified by Parents Gateway if they qualify for Higher Mother Tongue (Chinese, Malay, Tamil) with instructions on how to fill in the acceptance form by 27 Dec 2022, 5 pm. 

If students are keen to offer Higher Mother Tongue, they may sit for the school-based diagnostic test which will take place in January. For further queries on the offering of Higher Mother Tongue, please contact the school via email at tee_bei_si@schools.gov.sg

Exemption from Mother Tongue or Apply for Foreign Language 

Students who wish to apply for exemption from mother tongue or apply for foreign language, please direct your queries to Ms Tee Bei Si, Head of Department/Mother Tongue at tee_bei_si@schools.gov.sg or call her at 64897851. 


1.     Who qualifies for Higher MTL (HMTL)?

Students with the following results at PSLE automatically qualify to take HMTL:

·         An overall PSLE score of 8 or better; or

·         An overall PSLE score of 9-14 (inclusive) and attain AL 1/AL2 in MTL or distinction/merit in HMTL.

2.     How to apply for Higher MTL?

For students who qualified for Higher HMTL based on their PSLE results, they would need to accept the HMTL offer.

Sec 1 Exp & NA students with AL1/AL2/AL3 in PSLE MTL or Distinction/Merit in HMTL are eligible to sit for the school’s HMTL diagnostic test (Compo writing & Comprehension components) in mid Jan 2023. From there, we will assess their suitability to offer HMTL.

3.     Who qualifies for MTL ‘B’ Syllabus?

Students with AL 7/AL8 in standard MTL or AL B/AL C in Foundation MTL qualify for MTL ‘B’. Applications will be approved on a case by case basis for those students who wish to offer MTLB. 

Please note that Sec 1 CLB lessons will be conducted at Compassvale Sec on every Tue afternoon, 3 pm to 6 pm. MLB lessons will be conducted at MOELC (Bishan) on every Friday afternoon, 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm. TLB lessons will be conducted at UPTLC (Beatty Road) on every Tuesday afternoon, 3 pm to 6 pm. 

4.     How do I apply for MTL ‘B’ Syllabus?

Do inform your MTL teacher during the first week of MTL lessons and submit the MTLB application form to your MTL teacher by 12 Jan 2023 .

5.     What is Subject Based Banding (SBB)?

Please find out more about SBB at this link: https://www.moe.gov.sg/microsites/psle-fsbb/full-subject-based-banding/main.html

6.     How would I know if I qualify for SBB?

We will inform students who qualified for SBB via Parents Gateway (PG).

7.     Can I change a SBB subject to a lower level at any time if I cannot cope?

It takes time to adjust to the demands of a higher-level subject, so students should allow themselves a full two years before deciding if they wish to continue offering the subject at a higher level in the upper secondary years. Interest in the subject is more important than the marks obtained, so students should not only use marks as an indicator of their ability to cope with the subject.

For students who wish to discontinue the higher-level subject at the end of Secondary One, they can make the request to the school.