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English Language & Literature

The English Language and Literature Department is a team of caring and dedicated teachers who work collaboratively to help our students become confident communicators. Our curriculum is guided by the English Language Syllabus 2020 (ELS2020) which has the overarching aim of developing each student to become an Empathetic Communicator, a Discerning Reader and a Creative Inquirer. Our lessons and activities are also designed with the three foci of ELS2020 in mind – Metacognition, Multiliteracies and Inquiry through Dialogue. Students are provided with opportunities to reflect on their learning, to be exposed to various texts of different forms, and to collaborate and discuss with their peers to gain multiple perspectives.

School Reading Programme.JPG
Students sharing their perspectives and learning from each other

Department Programmes and Events

English Language and Literature Week

The English Language and Literature (ELL) Week is held annually with the aim to inculcate a love for the English Language in a fun manner. The theme changes every year to focus on different values and life skills, such as empathy and aesthetics appreciation. Curated extracts from graphic novels to short stories are also explored in class, culminating in personal reflections and class discussions. Other engaging activities include Scrabble Showdown, Haiku-Instagram Competition, Spelling Bee Competition, and Monologue-writing Competition. In order to develop our students' understanding and interpretation of literary texts, local poets are invited to share about poetry analysis and reading local poetry.

Scrabble Competition.JPG
Students participating in a Scrabble competition as part of ELL Week

Engaging Students in Literature

Every year, Punggol Secondary School students take part in the National Schools Literature Festival (NSLF) which is a platform for teachers to inspire students in studying Literature as well as for students to develop their love for Literature. Our lower secondary students from the English Literary Drama and Debate Society participate in the Choral Reading Competition to showcase their understanding of poems and literary texts through creative ways. Our upper secondary Literature students engage in debates where they display their analytical skills and persuasive techniques to convince the audience of their stand.

Media Resource Library Committee Events

As part of ELL Week and in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, the Media Resource Library Committee organises a ‘Blind Date with a Book’ activity during recess. Students can only read short descriptions of the books which are wrapped creatively and attractively, and this arouses their curiosity as they are kept in suspense about the books they borrow. The students also have a chance to take part in a lucky dip when they borrow a book.

The Media Resource Library Committee also collaborates with the Craft and Technology Department to organise the Bake-A-Cupcake-Day activity. Student participants have to look through recipe books from the library and bake cupcakes of their choice. Through this activity, students are encouraged to read more books and even develop a new love for baking!

Student queueing up to borrow books in Blind Date With A Book activity.jpg
Students borrowing books during 'Blind Date With A Book' activity

Scrabble Competitions

In 2019, 16 students trained and formed Punggol Secondary School’s pioneer competitive Scrabble team. A total of five teams participated in the 9th Super Zone Scrabble Competition in October, 2019. The four ’C’ Division teams and one ‘B’ Division team put up a close fight against formidable opponents and multiple-time champions in a round-robin tournament of six 44-minute matches. The students demonstrated strong perseverance and integrity. With the same enthusiasm, the students competed in the 2019 Marsiling Invitational Scrabble Tournament in November. They formed three teams in the mixed-age Open Category and competed against some familiar opponents. The teams were awarded 3rd Runners-Up after five matches. The students are more motivated than ever and are looking forward to competing and winning in future Scrabble competitions!

Best School Player (Tan Jing Ang, 1A 2019) at 9th Super Zone Schools Scrabble Competition.jpg
Best School Player (Tan Jing Ang, 1A 2019) at 9th Super Zone Schools Scrabble Competition