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Secondary One CCA Allocation Exercise

To help the Secondary One cohort identify suitable CCAs, we have specifically arranged the following:

-        CCA briefing during the orientation

-        CCA Fair 
-        Videos of CCAs offered by the school (see below)

-        CCA Trials 

-        CCA Allocation

Schedule of CCA Allocation

Please refer to  the schedule below. 

1CCA Briefing to Secondary One classes 5 Jan
 2CCA Fair  in school
CCA Briefing on how to make their CCA trial choices via FormSG
6 Jan 
3 Students to make their CCA trial choices via Formsg
Click here for the video guide on how to fill up the form
7 Jan - 9 Jan 
CCA Selection Trials
(14 Jan - 11 Feb)
16, 18, 20, 25, 27, 30 Jan,
1 Feb
 5 Briefing to Secondary One students on how to use inCAMPUS website to indicate their top 5 CCA choices31 Jan
Submission of CCA choices by Secondary One students  By 2 Feb,  trial dependent
 7Release of CCA posting
10  Feb OR  13 Feb 
 8Students to report to allocated CCA  13 Feb OR 15 Feb  

CCA Promotional videos

For a better understanding of the range of CCA experiences our school offers, students are encouraged to watch the videos below, speak with seniors, attend CCA trials to gain an understanding of yourself and also which CCA matches your personal aspirations, interests and abilities most. 

This will give you confidence to commit to the CCA of your choice, where you will gain confidence, motivation, forge friendships and make meaningful memories in your vibrant secondary school life.  

Clubs & SocietiesPerforming 
Sports & GamesUniformed Groups
Art and Crafts Club
Audio Visual Aid Club
English LDDS
Indian LDDS
Environmental Club
Interact Club
Concert Band
Guzheng Ensemble
Modern Dance
Table Tennis
Volleyball (Boys)
Volleyball (Girls)
NCC (Land)
Red Cross Youth