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Secondary One Orientation Week (3 Jan to 6 Jan 2023)

All Secondary One students will participate in orientation (SOOC) when they join the school. The objective of this programme is to help Secondary One students settle into the new environment of a secondary school.


All Secondary One students are reminded to be PUNCTUAL on the first day of school:

Day / Date:    3 Jan 2023 (Tue)

Time:              7:30am (Students are to report at 7:20am)

Venue:           Hall

Attire:             Students will be allowed to report in the Primary School Uniforms (PE T-shirt and shorts) during orientation while waiting to  buy the Punggol Secondary School Uniform. For students who have bought the Punggol Secondary School uniform, they should wear their PE T-shirt and shorts.

Items to bring: A small bag, thermometer, notebook, stationery, water bottle, small towel, cash for meals during recess. 

The Secondary One Orientation Programme is as follows:


Tuesday 3 Jan

Wednesday 4 Jan

Thursday 5 Jan

Friday 6 Jan

By 720

School Reporting time

School Reporting time

School Reporting time

School Reporting time
Morning Assembly

0730 - 0800

Morning Assembly
Camp Opening
Principal & YH

Morning Assembly
FT Time
Student Management Talk 

Morning Assembly
FT Time
CCA Talk 

0800 - 0820

0820 - 0840

Ice Breakers

Ice Breakers

Ice Breakers

0840 - 0900

CCA Experience & CCA Trial Briefing

0900 - 0920




0920 - 0940

0940 - 1000

Session A (SOOC)
Class Flag Making
Station Games

Session B (SOOC)
Station Games 2
Amazing Race

Session C (SOOC)
Station Games 3
Gratitude Sharing (with FT)

1000 - 1020

1020 - 1040

1040 - 1100

1100 - 1120

1120 - 1140

1140 - 1200

1200 - 1220

FT Time

ICT Talk 

Montage video 

Parent Engagement Session at 530 pm

 Campfire at 7 pm

1220 - 1240

Please complete the following medical declaration online form required for the Secondary One Orientation Programme by 27 Dec, 5 pm:  


Photograph(s) or video image(s) of your child/ward may be captured at this event. We may use and publish such photographs and/or video recordings in school publications, website, social media channels, and other official school communication channels.

We look forward to your child’s/ward’s participation in the Secondary One Orientation Programme.