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Principal's Message

Punggol Secondary School (培道)

The school’s Chinese name,培道,means nurturing a moral person and it underscores the school’s strong emphasis on character development grounded on the School Values of Propriety, Righteousness, Integrity and Self-Respect (礼义廉耻).

The vibrant learning environment, committed staff and strong values system enable the school to meet the needs and expectations of our students and stakeholders. The School recognizes the importance of both the Academic and Character development and endeavors to provide students with a holistic education through the 5 domains of Cognitive (智), Moral (德), Physical (体), Social (群) and Aesthetics (美). In the Cognitive domain, Students develop Critical and Creative Thinking in a collaborative learning environment. The Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) curriculum focuses on the Moral, Social, Physical and Aesthetics domains and some of the programmes include Outdoor Education Week, Values in Action (VIA) programme both local and overseas and Level Aesthetics programme.

The Vision of the school is to develop Achievers with Character - the 21st Century 君子 (Gentleman/Lady). By the time they graduate, every student of Punggol Secondary School (培道) will be self-disciplined, responsible and well-adjusted, possessing the essential skills for life-long learning and committed to the service of the community and nation.