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CCA Policy

Aims and Objectives of CCA

- To provide a balanced CCA programme so that constructive learning process can take place beyond the classroom.

- To encourage students to participate in competitions and motivate them to scale new heights in the mastery of skills.

To promote a strong sense of identity and raise school image and morale through inter-school competitions.

To encourage non-school team members to participate actively in uniformed groups, clubs and cultural activities.

 - To instill in students the correct values and develop leadership, discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship.

CCA policies & guidelines

Every student has to take part in one CCA, which can be a sport, uniformed group, performing art or club/society.

Students may participate in more than one CCA. Points are awarded for students' participation in a second CCA at school representation level or higher. Minimum attendance in the second CCA is not a criterion for points to be computed.

The School Band, NCC and NPCC are mandatory CCA for all secondary schools. Students in these CCA are not permitted to change their CCA throughout the secondary school years except for medical reasons, otherwise all the points for the mandatory CCA will be annulled.

Students are not encouraged to change their CCA. However, if a student has decided to change his CCA, he must obtain a CCA Transfer Form from the General Office. A transfer can only be done at the beginning of the year with the approval of CCA teacher-in-charge and HOD CCA.

Students must attend a minimum of 75% of total possible attendance before points can be awarded. This includes medical reasons and absence approved by the teacher-in-charge.

For students with an attendance rate of 50% - 74%, all CCA points scored for that year will not be computed. However, CCA points accumulated in earlier years can be retained for computation when the student rejoins a CCA and fulfils the 75% attendance rate criterion.

For students with attendance rate of less than 50%, all CCA points accumulated up to and including that year will be annulled.

Participation in activities organized by bodies outside the school will not be taken into account except those recognized by CCAB.

List of CCA Offered

SportsUniformed GroupsPerforming ArtsClubs & Societies
Mondays & Wednesdays
3.30pm -6pm
3.30pm - 6pm
 Mondays & Wednesdays
3.30pm - 6pm

Mondays / Wednesdays 

3.30pm - 6pm 
*More training sessions during competition period. Teacher OIC will inform accordingly.       
Table Tennis
Volleyball (Boys)
Volleyball (Girls)
Red Cross


Art Club
Chinese LDDS
English LDDS
Tamil LDDS
Multimedia Club
Environmental Club