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Environment Club



Our Objectives:

·         To raise awareness among students so that they understand environmental issues.
·         To instill a sense of responsibility for the environment and a personal commitment to protect and preserve the              environment.
·         To educate and cultivate an appreciation and interest in the environment.


The Environment club is a voluntary group comprising of students and teachers which promotes participation of students in learning about and working towards the conservation and sustainability of their environment.


They aim at creating awareness on the importance of respecting and appreciating our surroundings through 4 domains ie Leadership & Influence, Critical & Inventive Thinking, Projects & Competition and Service-Learning.


PSS Environment Club enable members to actively lead and participate in the environmental activities and take personal action to contribute to climate change mitigation. The Club members are trained to become youth leaders who connect through formal efforts with other schools and external organisations to create awareness about the environmental related issues threatening the cleanliness of water bodies, existence of biodiversity and earth’s natural resources by converting waste that would usually be disposed of in landfill and incineration facilities and is diverted for recycling.

We believe that engaging and participation of students in environmental workshops, scientific inquiry projects, geographical investigations, learning journeys, school and community outreach as well partnerships with external organisations in environmental conservation and protection will help students to lead, identify and solve environmental problems. 

The Environmental Club also promote creative and critical thinking through contribution to school such as the PSS-JGIS Butterfly Garden, national competitions such as the Shell Bright Ideas Challenge 2017, Singapore Junior Water Prize Competition (SJWP) 2017, National Environment Quiz 2017 and Sembcorp Marine -Green Wave Environment Care Competition 2017.

As a member of the Club, the environmental ambassadors lead the environmental activities and events in school, identify and implement values-based environmental programmes within their school and community, form part of the network to share and communicate their environmental activities and ideas.    



Competition / Project 






Shell Bright Ideas Challenge 2016



NEA National Environment Quiz

Sembcorp Marine -Green Wave Environment Care Competition 2016



Green Audit 2016






Shell Bright Ideas Challenge 2017


Sembcorp Marine -Green Wave Environment Care Competition 2017

NEA National Environment Quiz

Singapore Junior Water Prize Competition (SJWP) 2017

BCA Greenmark Your School


Roots & Shoots Awards 2017

*will be out soon

Green Audit 2017



                                                          School Programme – Year Head Talk

envclub pic1.jpgenvclub pic2.jpg


                                             School Exhibition & Campaign – Earth Hour & World Water Day

envclub pic3.jpgenvclub pic4.png

               School Exhibition & Campaign – Youth in Environment Day & Earth Day : Reduce Food Waste

envclub pic5.jpgenvclub pic6.jpg

               Service-Learning - Water Conservation Education for Sree Narayana Mission Home for the Disabled

envclub pic7.pngenvclub pic8.png

            Service-Learning:  Animal Conservation Education for Tampines Presbyterian Centre Pre-Schoolers

envclub pic9.jpgenvclub pic10.jpg


envclub pic11.jpg

                Service-Learning:  World Ocean Day 2017 - Marine Conservation Outreach at RWS SEA Aquarium

envclub pic12.pngenvclub pic13.png

                                            Community Food Waste Recycling Project @ Punggol East

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envclub pic19.jpgenvclub pic20.jpg

envclub pic23.jpg

envclub pic25.jpgenvclub pic26.jpg

Earth hour - Green School Exhibition 2018

There were two major environmental events this month. The Earth Hour which was taking place at 8:30pm to 930pm on Saturday 24 March 2018 and the World Water Day, which was taking place the whole month of March. Around the globe, millions of people set aside an hour to host Earth Hour events, switch off their lights, and make noise for climate change action.

Likewise in PSS, the Environment Club organised Earth Hour- Green School & World Water Day 2018 exhibition-campaign to help inculcate growth mindset within students in conserving our environment. The exhibition was held throughout all levels recess time at the canteen.


Green School Posters for Exhibition

Students pledging for Green School initiatives 


“Snake and Ladder” Environmental game for Lower Sec students.

Roof-top Garden Makeover - The New Herb Garden

Time can wreak havoc on what was once a carefully planned landscape. Our roof-top garden was initially neglected for some time.  The Environment Club members was aghast at the overgrown landscape beds. These beds definitely needed hard work to repair and a complete face lift.

The Club members always dreamt of having the perfect oasis -- lush, green vegetation at the roof-top of our school. Hence, they were prepared to do a garden make-over though this project might be overwhelming due to the ugly, overgrown vines and weeds, dead spots of grass and numerous big, brown roaches feeding on the food compost which was incorrectly applied to the plants.

The members took up the transformation project bravely with the strong encouragement by the school leaders. They took one step at a time. It was an enjoyable and a lot easier than expected. They started by planning and discussing on what type of garden they would like to transform. They decided to grow herbs because herbs are simply easy to grow. With a little sunshine, soil that drains well, some watering, and a little fertilizer or compost, herbs can flourish right on our roof-top.

Fresh herbs are such a great way to add healthy nutrients to your diet. They're plant based foods that offer Vitamins, antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. They also provide abundant flavour to any dish.

The members pulled the tendrils and foliage out of the soil and discarded all the dead plants and weeds into the bin. The fruit trees were also taken out because they were too tall to be grown on a roof-top. Dozens of heavy potted plants were organised neatly along the rows so that reinstating of new soil and replacement of cloth filter on the plant beds can be done easily. During the last phase of the make-over project, they finally planted 16 types of herbs. Rosemary, basils, laksa leaves, turmeric leaves and mint leaves are amongst the varieties of herbs.

The Club members hope that this herb garden can inculcate a sense of familiarity into our students with surrounding biodiversity and its conservation, especially herbal plants.


The roof-top garden was full of weeds and lallang!


There were many litters and food-waste which attract pests like cockroaches!


We created a plan for a garden makeover! We decided to clear the weeds first.


The fruit trees were removed and placed on the ground soil.


Then, we planted many varieties of herbs.


roof top garden.jpgroof top garden.jpgroof top garden.jpg



The mushroom was created out of paper plates and plant pot.


Decorated roof-top garden.


Ginger plant


Rosemary Leaves

Community In Bloom Exhibition at the SGF 2018.


The Env Club would like to proudly announce that Punggol Sec School has won the GOLD AWARD for

the biennial Community In Bloom Awards 2018 organised by NParks. The criteria for

judging was based on environmental and biodiversity quality and community engagement

for the Butterfly Garden and the new Roof-top Herb Garden.


For Gold Award, the school have won over $500 worth of gardening gift pack.

This award aims to recognise the school and staff for their effort in creating and maintaining the school gardens  that help play a role in realising our City in a Garden vision.


Through this award,  NParks hopes to motivate and encourage students  and staff

to improve their garden spaces, enjoy their gardening as a fun and healthy activity and also

engender a spirit of   ‘Now, Everyone Can Garden!’.


Due to this Award, the Env Club was invited to open a booth to feature their planting project at the roof-top garden to the visitors at the Spore Garden Festival.

CIBE 1.png

Community In Bloom 2018 Exhibition at the Spore Gardens Festival 2018

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