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Multimedia Club

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Multimedia Club trains our members to be technology savvy, competent in the use of audio and visual equipment, with the edge to think differently and creatively.

Our members apply their skills by providing quality audio and visual support, as well as dedicated photography support for major school events and functions.

On top of the technical skills acquired through weekly training, students embark on project work and competition which will inculcate values and skills, such as working together, leadership and strong sense of responsibility.

Programs / Highlights:

        Comprehensive AV training program in Semester 1
        Class IT representatives training sessions
        Technical support for school events rehearsals and concerts
        Learn different camera and videography techniques through weekly training session
        Learn open-source software for digital imagining
        Exposure to coding language

Participation and Achievements:
The presence of AVA is felt yet unseen right at the beginning of each day – the morning assemblies. The Club provides technical support for morning assemblies and school events rehearsals and concerts. We are always the first to be there and the last to pack up after a major school function or event, for example, the Thematic Concert, Synergy Concert and Speech Day etc. We also conduct routine checks on the school’s multimedia resources such as classroom projectors and visualizers to ensure that they are operationally ready for use during lessons. 

     CDL Singapore Young Photographer Award (SYPA) 2018
     Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year Photo Competition (SGPY) 2017
     Intergenerational Learning Programme (ILP) with Family Central
     Participation in CDL Singapore Young Photographer Award 2016
     Participation in NKF Photo Competition 2016
     Learning Journey to Temasek Polytechnic 
     "Coding from Scratch" workshop at Singapore Science Centre 
     Schools Digital Media Awards 2015
     2015 Hackathon @ School of Science and Technology 

Service for School Events and Performances




Weekly Training

MC6.jpgSeniors guiding their juniors on how to use the AV equipment


MC8.jpgSome of the group projects we did during our training sessions




MM2.jpgOil and food dye photography

Excursion and Photo Taking for Competitions

MC10.jpgLearning Journey to Marina Barrage

MC11.jpgLearning Journey to Singapore Botanical Garden

Members training IT Representatives


Team Building


Visit to Digital Exhibitions and Multimedia Workshops