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Ensemble - Guzheng


To develop skills and confidence of playing Guzheng instrument and have the opportunity to perform in various events.


Through participating in key aesthetic and community events, the Guzheng members have enhanced their appreciation for music and learnt about the professionalism of performing arts. The Guzheng Ensemble is now geared towards doing the best in contributing to the multicultural arts in Singapore and spreading the passion for music in our youths.

Year Achievements
  • CNY Celebration 
  • Synergy Concert
  • Punggol West National Day Observance Ceremony
  • Japanese Exchange Program Welcome Ceremony
  • Mid-Autumn Celebration for PSS 2014
  • Certificate of Accomplishment SYF
  • Synergy 2016 
  • Singapore Youth Festival (SYF): Certificate of Accomplishment
  •  Speech day
  •  60 Year Anniversary Dinner
  •  Taiwan Trip

Programmes / Activities

The Guzheng Ensemble musicians have many opportunities to attend local concerts and participate in overseas music exchange programmes. Following the learning trips to Thailand (2007) and Hong Kong (2009), they have gone to the Universal Studios Singapore (USS) for a bonding session to forge strong friendship and team spirit that would boost their common identity and a desire to attain excellence in learning and the art of performance.

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Our Speech day and 60 year anniversary Performances

Chinese New Year Performance:

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The Guzheng Ensemble performed “喜气洋洋” and “迎春花” to usher in the new year. The songs were upbeat and definitely helped to liven the atmosphere. It is the first performance for some of our Secondary 2 students and it was definitely a memorable experience for them. 

March Day Camp

A bonding session was held during the March holiday to provide an opportunity for the new members to get to know their seniors better. The Secondary 3 CCA Leaders planned and conducted the games.

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Speech Day Performance

The guzheng ensemble was honoured to have performed at Speech Day 2018. We brought two songs, “城里的月光” and “白牡丹”.  “城里的月光” is a familiar song, was the theme song for the popular Singapore drama Tofu Street. “白牡丹”, white peony in English, is a song adapted from a Taiwanese opera, symbolizing purity and elegance.

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Arts Appreciation 1: Shao En and SCO Concert

The concert was held on 7 April 2018 (Saturday), the Guzheng Ensemble came together to attend the first Arts Appreciation programme of 2018. We were really excited to be there as our instructor was going to perform as the Guzheng and Percussion instrumentalist. To our surprise, she was the main instrumentalist for one of the songs, playing solo sections using not just one, but two Guzhengs at the same time. It was truly a delightful evening!

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