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Full Home-Based Learning (FHBL) Kit (for parents)

Dear Parents,
Here are some resources which might be helpful for you, as you guide your child through FHBL. 

Click the link below on what to expect of home-based learning:
Explanation by Deputy Director-General of Education (Curriculum) 

Here are some resources for your reference: 
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5) Resource Kit - School Holiday Edition

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9) Keep Calm and Carry On Parenting Resource kit

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some common questions that parents and students might have:


Is there a timetable for students’ Home-based Learning (HBL)?

There will be about five hours of HBL lessons every day. Please refer to the HBL timetable here.


How much screen time will students need to spend per week?

In order to manage the amount of screen time your child will have, there will be about 30 minutes of face-to-face interaction with English, Mother Tongue, Science subjects, Mathematics, Humanities subjects and CCE per week. This is to enable students to meet their teacher virtually for feedback and clarification.


Do students have to report for temperature taking exercise online daily?

Students have to submit their temperatures daily on SLS. This is to allow teachers to check on students’ well-being. Additionally, we want to instill in our students the habit of checking their temperatures daily.


Will Form Teachers (FTs) check in on their form class?

FTs will check-in regularly with their students and video-conferencing is used to allow the classmates to meet-up virtually. It is important that during this period, our students still can interact with their classmates and teachers..


Is attendance taken for Full Home-Based Learning (FHBL)?

Subject teachers are monitoring the students’ attendance and submission of work. The school has put in place a monitoring process to monitor and escalate for further actions to be taken if a student persists not to participate in HBL. We seek parents’ help to partner us to encourage your child to log into SLS to check on the Announcement column for daily instructions.


If students cannot finish the assigned lessons on the stipulated day, what should they do?

Subject Teachers will give a reasonable deadline for homework submission. In the event that a student is not able to submit his work on time, the teacher will check with him for the reason. If the reason is not valid, disciplinary actions will be taken.  


If students do not understand some parts of the SLS lessons, how can they get help?

Students are highly encouraged to contact their subject teachers to clarify their doubts.  


If students are not sure of the work given, who can they contact?

Students can contact their teachers here:



What are some of the platforms that students will use for their learning?

The Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) will be the key platform used. Students may also use other tools such as video-conferencing, quiz and videos. 


Check this link for some healthy snack ideas for your child.

Here is the official government site that consolidates accurate, relevant and updated information on the Covid-19 situation.

For those of you who wish to find out where and how to seek help, please refer to Support Go Where