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Secondary 2: 1 to 1 Computing Programme for Semester 2, 2018

It is our pleasure to inform you that in the second semester of 2018, your child/ward will be embarking on the 1-to-1 Learning Programme. The 1-to-1 Learning Programme is an ICT-enabled learning environment which aims to do the following:

1)            provide students with  learning opportunities through the use of personalised learning devices
2)            prepare students’ for the 21st century workforce through development of 21st century competencies
3)            enhance learning through collaboration and self-directed activities

Students will be required to bring a computing device to school on a daily basis for their lessons.

The school will be using the google platform and its educational tools for teaching and learning. Students will be able to leverage the tools available for collaborative and self-directed learning, using the wireless network available in the school.

Students may choose to bring their existing computing device (notebook or chromebook) or to purchase a chromebook for the 1-to-1 Learning Programme.