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School-Based Student Health Advisor Programme

The Ministry of Health will be piloting the Student Health Advisor (SHA) Programme in 2010 in eight secondary schools. Fully supported by the Ministry of Education, the SHA Programme will be managed by a trained nurse stationed in these secondary school.

The SHA Programme will benefit students who:

- Have general queries about their health,
- Are underweight or overweight and who need advice on healthy lifestyle practices (e.g. healthy eating and regular physcial activity),
- Have existing medical conditions (e.g. asthma, diabetes) and require health advice,
- Would like to adopt healthy lifestyles.

Students from the participating schools may be referred to see the SHA by:

- Teachers, school counsellors or any other staff in their school,
- Doctors and nurses from the Health Promotion Board's (HPB) School Health Service teams during their routine school health visits

Students who are not referred may also make an appointment to see the SHA on their own.

To know more about this programme, do download and read the brochure.
E__pdf jpg_SHA Pamphlet FA (3).pdf 

Should you prefer that your child/ward NOT participate in the SHA programme, please complete the appended withdrawal form below as attached.
 2014 SHA Prog Opt-Out Forms for Schs_with MOE's edits.docx