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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Punggolites,

Secondary school is a time for students to discover their strengths, weaknesses and talents, and possibly figure out their purpose in life. Student life at Punggol Secondary is vibrant and exciting as we offer a myriad of different programmes, in the five domains of cognitive, moral, physical, social and aesthetics. Our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Environment Education and Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in Community and Youth Leadership underscore our commitment to student holistic development.

Above all, I believe that school is about developing character, and the importance that we place on our students’ character is reinforced by the school’s Chinese name 培道 which means 'nurturing students with morals'. We endeavour to inculcate in every Punggolite the school values of Propriety, Righteousness, Integrity and Self-Respect (礼义廉耻). We do not do this alone and I am encouraged by the support given by our parents and the community. Together, we will continue to help every student soar and realise his potential in the service of others!

Mrs Angeline Huang