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Principal's Message

DeMs Tngs Pic- School website.jpgar Parents and Punggolites,


Punggol Secondary School has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1956 where it started off as Singapore Girls' Vocational High School. Throughout the years as the school underwent name changes first to Pei Dao Secondary School and subsequently Punggol Secondary School, the school has never wavered in its quest to empower students and develop their character.


Secondary school is a pivotal time for the students to discover more about themselves, including their strengths, interests, talents, passions, and areas for growth. Hopefully, through this exploratory and reflective process, the students will be able to define their moral compass, undergirded by our school values of Propriety, Righteousness, Integrity and Self-Respect 

(礼义廉耻), and have greater clarity of their purpose in life.


Here at Punggol Secondary School, we pride ourselves on building a vibrant school environment, starting from the classroom, where we expose students to diverse and rich experiences in the cognitive, moral, physical, social and aesthetics domains. At the same time, we provide the platforms and opportunities for the students to take the lead and have their voices heard. The students have never failed to show us that they can rise to the occasion if we set high expectations of them and provide the necessary support. The Students Learning Festival for example provided a platform for the students to showcase their takeaways from their self-initiated learning, enthuse one another, and spark the joy of learning while enabling them to grow in confidence as they present their learning to their peers and teachers.   


As the world gets more complex and unpredictable, we seek to continue to future-proof our students by building their lifelong learning disposition, confidence and motivation so that they are more equipped and ready to embrace whatever that comes their way. With an eye on sustainability and the future, our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Environment Education aims to help students appreciate the harmonious relationship between Science and Nature needed for sustainable living. Appreciating the fact that regardless of our station in life, we are always in a position to be able to serve others, our Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in Community and Youth Leadership seeks to develop students to become active citizens with a heart for people.


We would not be able to achieve all these without the strong partnership with and support from our stakeholders like the parents and community. Together, we will continue to build on the good work and legacy by the previous leaders while upholding the school’s heritage and leading it to new heights!


Ms Valerie Tng