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Parents Support Group

EXCO 2017-2018


Name Of Parent


Mr Daniel Chan

1st Vice-Chairman

Mdm Shamma Parvin

2nd Vice-Chairman

Mr Dixon Goh


Mdm Jessica Ng

1st Deputy Secretary

Mdm Audrey Thong Mei Foong

2nd Deputy Secretary

Mdm Or Lee Hwa

Activity Co-ordinators:


Mdm Miko Lee Mui Keng


Mdm Mohan Swapna Devi


Mdm Su Sze Ching


Mdm Suzanah Binte Hamid


Mdm Chau Yen Wei


Mr Chng Hak Dee, Jeremiah

Benefits of Having a PSG

  • When parents and school personnel collaborate in a PSG, a symbiotic relationship develops in which the PSG members share a common vision and goals and work towards improving the school.
  • PSG members help to provide input on school policies and goals, curriculum issues, programmes , student performance and conduct.
  • PSG allows parents to opt for greater involvement in the school. It provides a channel for parents to raise issues and concerns, seek clarifications, provide constructive feedback.

Why join the PSG?

  • Gain better understanding of school policy, school programmes / activities
  • Help your child cope better with school life
  • Build closer relationship with your family

How Parents can volunteer?

Members of PSG may help in the following ways:
  • Assist in excursion or activities (CCA)
  • Act as resource personnel
  • Fund-raising activities
Interested parents may fill in “Parental Involvement Form”

PSG Activities

  • PSG meetings are held on a Saturday afternoon once a month
  • Sharing by Key Personnel during PSG meetings
  • Support parenting talks by Family@School programmes
  • Family bonding outing / barbeque
  • Family bonding day camp 

PSG Servcie Award 2018

PSG Servcie Award 2018.JPG

Secondary One Registration-PSG Chairman addresses parents

Secondary One Registration-PSG Chairman addresses parents.jpeg

Active PSG Day

ActivePSG Day1.JPGActivePSG Day 2.JPG

Parents @ Annual Cross Country 

Parents @ Annual Cross Country (2).jpgParents @ Annual Cross Country (1).jpeg

Parents @ Annual Cross Country (4).JPGParents @ Annual Cross Country (3).jpg