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• School Vision:
Achievers With Character, 21st Century  君子 jun zi 

• Department Vision:
Every student an effective communicator in English.


• School Mission:
To provide students with a value-added education and opportunities to acquire knowledge, skills and values to deal confidently with future challenges.

• Department Mission:

The English Language and Literature Department aims to develop every student into an effective communicator in English. It is a purpose-driven community of dedicated, dynamic and innovative teaching professionals, providing a value-added education in English Language and Literature, with care and concern. 


Department Key Personnel



Mrs Katherine Teoh

HOD English

Mrs Wong Sijin

SH / English Language

Mr Vincent Low

Head of Partnerships

Department Teachers


Teaching Subject(s)

Mrs Amutha Raj


Ms Jaclyn Siow

English and Literature

Ms Anju Babu

English and Literature

Mdm Siti Zulaiha

English and EBS

Ms Noor Hafizah

English and Social Studies

Mr Dexter Tan

English and Art

Ms Elaine Lui

Geography and English

Ms Sophia Chua

Social Studies and English

Ms Lee Pei Hua

Social Studies and English

Ms Sindhya Varthini

History and English

 Ms Sally Tan

Literature and Social Studies 

Ms Deniisha Chand

English and History

Ms Lovely Taidy

English and Literature

Ms Lizda Mohamed


Blind Date with a Book

English Language and Literature Week

Blind Date with a Book


Image 1.png

As part of our English Language & Literature Week, the Media Resource Library (MRL) committee organised the Blind Date with a Book activity, in conjunction with Valentine’s Day which fell on14 February.

To entice students,the library books were wrapped creative;y. Short descriptions of the books were also included to get students interested to know more about the books.These books were displayed during recess and it was well-received especially by the lower secondary students.

Image 2.png

When interviewed, several students shared that they found the activity interesting as they were kept in suspense about the books they had borrowed. A few students’ eyes sparkled in anticipation as they tore the wrappers excitedly. Students shared that they would participate in this activity again.

Image 3.png

Evergreen Secondary Debates Invitational 2018

The English Literary Drama and Debate Society (ELDDS) debaters participated in the Evergreen Secondary School’s Debate Invitational 2018. They did well in their first round of prepared debates and won, with Fathima Shafana (2C) winning the Best Speaker for the round. The second round was tougher as it was an impromptu round where the debaters had only one hour to prepare their arguments. Though the motion for their round two was tough, the debaters laboured through to understand it and to come up with convincing arguments, as well as rebuttals, to ensure that they had the upper hand when they clashed with their opponents. Though they did not win this round, their uphill battle paid off when Medapati Willliams Smith (3D) clinched the Best Speaker Award for this round.

This debate taught me how to argue in an impromptu setting, how to elaborate my points, and how to exude more confidence through the way I stand in front of the table, instead of behind it.  I hope to have the opportunity to participate and do well in the upcoming debates.

-        Fathima Shafana (2C)

EVGDI 2018 debaters.jpegFathima - debate.jpegWilliams - debate.jpeg


Engaging Students in Literature

Our students took part in the National Schools Literature Festival (NSLF) on 21 July at Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School.  Our lower secondary students from the English Literary Drama and Debate Society (ELDDS) took part in the Choral Reading competition, where they showcased their understanding of a poem through creative ways. Our upper secondary students took part in six debates where they argued about a motion related to their Literature text. Two teams from Secondary 3 Express won the debates against Woodlands Ring Secondary School and Naval Base Secondary School. Two teams from Secondary 4 Express and 5 Normal won their debates against Serangoon Gardens Secondary and Dunearn Secondary School. Our Secondary 3 Normal Academic students also won a debate against West Spring Secondary School.

Reflection from winners:

From this experience, I learned that winning is not everything, that the journey is more important than the end destination. I was able to have a fun experience with my friends and develop a greater love for Literature. Even though I was nervous about not being able to rebut the proposition arguments, my teachers and friends encouraged me and this allowed me to feel more confident of myself and was better able to prove our stand. This experience also allowed me to realise that with hard work, perseverance and the help from others, anything is possible. I will surely use this mind set for the upcoming O Level examinations.

-        Kass Looi (4C)

Through this enthralling NSLF Literature debate, I was able to overcome my fear of public speaking. I have always been really afraid of talking in front of large groups and to make matters more terrifying, we had the immense pressure of wanting to win this debate. It was also an enlightening experience to witness so many passionate students trying their absolute best to make their school proud. And with that spirit and motivation to do well for this debate constantly kept in mind, we managed to  emerge victorious in the debate competition.

-        Dierdre Ng (4C)

Collage of winners.jpeg