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Mother Tongue



Department’s VMV

To instill a love towards the Mother Tongue language in the lives of the young through an engaging and vibrant MT school based curriculum. Nurturing young individuals to develop a competent use of the language in their daily written work and communication. To liven up the language, through the love of the language.


Punggolites are passionate and competent in their Mother Tongue 


To invigorate the passion and equip the competence in Mother Tongue Languages of Punggolites

3 Key strategies

  • Comprehensive Ubd/HOT school based curriculum
  • Stretch programme for higher achievers 
  • Authentic learning experiences for lower achievers

Department’s Programme/ Highlight

  • Conversational Malay / Chinese
  • Overseas Learning Journey – Taiwan, Beijing, Malaysia
  • Cultural appreciation- Cross talk
  • Festive Celebrations & concerts
  • Publication of Peifeng (Chinese Good Essays)
  • Reading and writing programmes  
  • Oral training package
  • MTL Fortnight programmes and language camps
  • MTL intensive programme