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Our Cornerstones

Every student is a self-directed and life-long 21st Century learner, ready to be an active contributor to the society, using Science knowledge, skills and attitudes.

To develop 21st Century Jun Zi (君子), who have a strong sense of self-directed learning attitude with a team of committed teachers based on a learner-centric environment.

Opportunities for All Students

We provide opportunities for all students to learn science at the highest level they can attain in their years at Punggol Secondary School.


  • Pure Science [Depth & Breadth]
    Helps motivated students to be prepared for the depth & breadth of Science & Engineering in A-Level & University.

  • Physics & Chemistry for all
    - Conceptual foundation for all 3 sciences
    - Pre-requisites for many post-secondary course options. 

  • Stretch curriculum for N(A)
    - N(A) students are taught at Express rigour, so that they are ready for the same O-Level exam at the end of their education at Punggol Secondary School.

Our school’s candidature for Pure Science subjects has increased steadily over the years.

O-Level Exam Year






Pure Physics

Not offered





Pure Chemistry

Not offered





Pure Biology






In the most recent 2017 O-Level exam, we have achieved 80% passes in all 3 Pure Science subjects, with 50 students scoring grades B3 and better for the Pure Sciences.

(For purposes of choosing A-Level Science subjects in Junior Colleges, a B3 grade in Pure Science is viewed at least as favourably as an A1 grade in Combined Science, or more favourably, because the student has learnt more chapters and were tested on more challenging questions).

Our Pedagogical Strategies


  • Student Engagement [Passion]
     -  Real-life examples
     -  Hands-on experiences

  • Conceptual Understanding [Foundation]
     -  Inquiry & Reasoning
     -  Activating prior knowledge
     -  Addressing misconceptions

  • Practice & Feedback [Reinforcement]
     -  Targeted Practice
     -  Timely & Effective Feedback

  • Information & Communications Technology [21st Century Readiness]
     -  Learning anytime, anywhere
     -  Possibilities of Virtual Experiments

Practices Grounded on Theory & Research

Psychology:     Boosting students’ expectancy
(Belief that effort & learning leads to performance)


Neuroscience:  Spaced Repetition
(to promote retention and sustainability of learning)



Students are engaged in the construction of a simple balloon-powered car in their science lessons to understand the effects of forces.



Students learning about Biodiversity in their Science lesson as they take photographs of various species of plants found in Punggol Secondary School using iPads. 


Students creating a dichotomous key to classify the flora found in Punggol Secondary School using their iPads. 


Elements 4D is a set of interactive blocks that aims to help students learn the properties of hydrogen and oxygen in a more visual and educational bringing the periodic table to life through augmented reality. These element blocks can be combined, enabling students to witness chemical reactions in real time. 


The use of Kahoot to administer formative assessments in Biology lessons. 



Youtube is also used to host authethic Punggol Secondary School’s teachers video-based practical lessons to provide feedback to students. EdPuzzle is also used to produce videos with embedded questions to effectively prime students while they watch videos as assignment.

Science Enrichment, Projects & Competitions

We have an in-house Science Enrichment Programme to ignite in our students the passion for learning Science and to expose them to scientific applications so that they could link real life application of Science to what they learn in school.
We also prepare students for relevant competitions so that they are able to develop their 21st century world skills such as presentation and public speaking. In the midst of preparing for the competition, students are also engaged in scientific research and report writing.

Our accolades in 2016 include:

  • North Zone ELEMENTZ Science Research Conference: Silver (Lower Sec)
  • North Zone ELEMENTZ Science Research Conference: Bronze (Upper Sec)
  • Science Buskers Competition at VivoCity: Finalist 
  • ignITE Science Challenge: Amphibious Vehicle category: Finalist, Best Poster

Our accolades in 2017 and 2018 include:

2017 International C.B Paul Science Quiz

Teacher ICs: Ms Christine Hor
Achievement - 4 Bronze Awards & Special Talent Award


Our students participated in the 39th International C. B. Paul Science Quiz 2017 is organised by the Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) Science and Mathematics Council, the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National University of Singapore (NUS). This competition aims to provide a platform for students to develop their aptitude in Sciences and Mathematics through critical thinking.

Gold Medal will be awarded to individuals who fall within the top 10% of the participants,
Silver Medal to the subsequent 10%,
Bronze Medal to the subsequent 10%,
Honourable Mention to the subsequent 10%,
Merit to the next 20% of individuals. 

The students were put out of their comfort zone as they attempted questions that they have not been exposed to. Nonetheless, our Punggolites did not let the difficulty of the quiz put them down and instead rose up to the challenge. We are very proud and happy to have clinched 4 Bronze awards. A big congratulations to Sumalinog Patricia from class 2A, Keith Pang from class 2D, Narengautham Govindaraj from class 2D and Niviya D/O Parkash from class 4A. Special mention also goes to Niviya and Patricia who were also awarded the Science Talent Award.

2018 International C.B Paul Science Quiz

Teacher ICs: Mrs Mabel Yap
Achievement - 1 Silver, 2 Bronze, 2 Honourable Mention, 2 Merit Awards

This year, 12 students participated in the International C.B Paul Science Quiz.

We are very proud to share that Teja Karthikeyan from 1D clinched the Silver award, Adithyaa from 1D and Nicholas Teo from 2A received the Bronze award. Honourable mention goes to Carina from 3A and Chan Ziyung from 2A. Fiona Chua from 3A and Gao Mo Ran from 2D received Merit awards.

Students’ reflections on their learning experience.

On the day of the quiz, we were both excited and nervous. The paper was challenging and I tried my best to complete all questions. After the announcement of the result, we were surprised and excited to learn that my friends and I were awarded with Silver and Bronze awards. We have learnt that we should always work towards our goal in order to get the desired outcomes despite of the challenges we met along the way.
[Kadalmangalam Ramaswamy Aadithyaa & Thatipamula Teja Karthikeyan – 1D]

Through the experience, I have learnt that science is a broad subject. There is always more to be discovered. Hence, we must not stop learning but continue to think and question ourselves to deepen our understanding and knowledge. 
[Nicholas Teo – 2A]

CB paul science quiz.jpg

2017 Elementz Science Project Competition (Lower Secondary)
Teachers ICs: Ms Debbie Teo, Ms Christine Hor & Mr Roy Tan
Achievement – Gold Award & Certificate of Commendation


Punggol Secondary School participated in the 17th Elementz Science Project Competition & Exhibition organised by Anderson Secondary School. This competition requires students to undertake an investigative-type project. This allows students to experience conducting their own experiments, write report based on their findings and lastly to share their projects in front of a panel of judges. Two Secondary 2 teams participated and we are proud to announce that we clinched a Gold and a Certificate of Commendation. 

8 students from Secondary 2 started their journey at the end of May where they came together in their teams to decide on the projects they would like to embark. From their exposure to vermicomposting and biocompost during their Applied Learning Programme in Secondary One, the two teams decided to research on the red wrigglers’ (Eisenia foetida) diet on the potency of worm cast as fertilisers and the effect of the application method of organic compost on plant growth. 


Two months of hard work culminated in some interesting findings such as apple peels giving the most effective compost and spraying nutrient solution likely gave the best growing plant. The students presented these ideas via a 10 minute presentation at Anderson Secondary School. Participating in this competition has exposed the students to the scientific methodology and they picked up new skills like critical thinking, report writing, data analysis and oral presentation. They have also learned to persevere through difficulties and the teams came out stronger than before. 


2018 Elementz Science Project Competition (Lower Secondary)
Teachers ICs: Ms Debbie Teo & Ms Christine Hor
Achievement – Top Viewer's Choice, Gold Award & Certificate of Commendation

This year, we sent another two teams to participate in this competition. The teams worked tirelessly over the past four months and through the June holidays and emerged victorious as they managed to clinch a Gold and a Certificate of Commendation for their projects. We were also pleasantly surprised when we were presented with the top Viewers’ Choice award for the Gold award project.  

The theme for this year’s competition was “Changing the World, One Idea at a Time”. After cycles of brainstorming, the teams decided to investigate on the use of starch-based bioplastics and pervious concrete. The project involves three phases: experimentation, report writing and presentation. Although the teams faced some difficulties during the experimentation process, they did not give up and exhibited resilience as they continued to find solutions. Through the entire process, the students also learned scientific methods and skills to write a science report as well as presentation skills. At the same time, they learned to communicate and worked well with one another as a group. Congratulations to both groups once again! 

ppic 1.jpg

ppic 2.jpg
ppic 3.jpg

2017 Science Buskers Festival organised by Singapore Science Centre
Teachers ICs: Mr Roy Tan, Ms Debbie Teo & Mr Jonathan Ng
Achievement – Judges’ Choice Award for Best Skit

Science Buskers is a festival that encompasses the idea of developing the individual's communication skills through expressions of science in creative manners. Organized as a competition, this event serves as an excellent platform to spread key messages relating to the importance of inspiring an interest in science. During the competition, contestants will do a "show-and-tell" on any science topic, and judging will be based on audiences' votes and judges' scores.

This year four teams from Punggol Secondary school participated in the Science Buskers Festival audition round. The teams are:



Team Starchaneous Boys managed to make it to the Finals! The term ‘Starchaneous’ was derived from the word starch, a key ingredient in their performance and the team comprise of Vasisht, William and Muhammad Shariff.



The judges were impressed with the boys’ performance and awarded them the Best Skit for the judges’ choice award. Science Centre has also presented the school a prize voucher of $100. This achievement will not be possible without the long hours of practice and high level of enthusiasm shown by the boys. 

2018 Science Buskers Festival organised by Singapore Science Centre
Teachers ICs: Mr Freddy Wong
Achievement – Certificate of Participation

Though the students received Certificates of Participation this year, the students participated enthusiastically and gave it their very best despite their busy schedules.



2017 ignITE Science Challenge – Nutri on a Penny
Teacher IC: Mr Sebastian Lee
Achievement – Certificate of Participation


Ieyad Khalishan B Roslie, Joseph Eng Jun Xian and Muhamad Ashatur Ridha B M R, from Class 3T1, proudly represented Punggol Secondary School at the 2017 ignITE Challenge held at ITE East Campus.

The team was tasked with creating a tasty meals within an hour that are both healthy and inexpensive. They were also required to recommend the choices of ingredients (strictly only vegetarian) which are nutritious, easily available locally and affordable. The team spent several weeks before the competition researching and sourcing for the best way to take on the challenge. Help rendered by Ms Jessica See during the preparation turned out invaluable in their quest to succeed in the competition.

Our students did us proud, coming through the preliminary rounds and winning certificates of participation.

2018 ignITE Science Challenge – Circuit Tinkering Challenge
Teacher IC: Mr Sebastian Lee
Achievement – Finalist

AU JUN WEI, MUHAMMAD MIZAN B RAIMI and MUHAMMAD NAUFAL'AZFAR from 3T1, participated in the ignITE Science Challenge this year.

The team participated in the Circuit Tinkering Challenge. For this challenge, students were provided with an A2 sized canvas on which they had to create an artwork featuring LED lights. The students were also tasked to complete an on-the-spot circuit tinkering challenge, forcing them to use their circuit design skills and complete a complex LED sequential circuit within a tight time limit.


For this challenge, students are provided with an A2 sized canvas on which an artwork featuring LED lights is created.

Apart from displaying their artwork, the students were also presented with an on-the-spot circuit tinkering challenge, forcing them to use their circuit design skills to complete a complex LED sequential circuit within a tight time limit.

Our students did well and entered the Final Round of the competition as finalists.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-09 at 10.56.00 AM.jpeg

2017 ignITE Science Challenge – Creative 3D modelling
Teacher IC: Mdm Masurah
Achievement – Finalist


In this competition, students are to draw and assemble a 3D model using a 3D pen and paper templates. ignITE Science Challenge is a platform for normal course students to apply their hands-on skills to innovate and prepare them for the 21st Century. Three of our students participated in this competition and were amongst the eight schools selected for the finals. Although they did not attain the top 3 placing, the enriching experience had helped our students to realise the various opportunities that await them after their secondary school education.

2018 ignITE Science Challenge – Mad Mocktail Challenge
Teacher IC: Mdm Masurah
Achievement – Finalist

For this challenges, Alicia Soh (3N3), Lee YanZhen (3N2) and Cislyn (3N1) were required to concoct the most delicious and unique mocktails by the technique of layering juices and syrups. The students attended 2 workshop prior to the competition where they were exposed to the different techniques of mocktail concoctions and then create one that they will be presenting for the competition day.

Although the students competed against schools that offered F&B as a subject or had prior experience in Mocktail making, the team had managed to place themselves in the Finals!


WhatsApp Image 2018-10-09 at 10.56.43 AM.jpeg

Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad
Teacher ICs: Mr Tek Yong Shoun
Achievement - Bronze Medal

The Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) is a Physics competition organised by the Institute of Physics Singapore and is catered to secondary school students. This is an annual competition to encourage the study and appreciation of Physics among all secondary school students. In addition, it is also a competition to highlight Physics talents and also part of the process to identify students for early training for the IPhO (International Physics Olympiad). 

We congratulate Nyam Kaile, Caleb (4A), for achieving the Bronze Medal.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-08 at 10.19.44 AM.jpeg

NUS Physics Enrichment Camp

The Physics Enrichment Camp is an annual camp for secondary and junior college-level students, jointly organised by the NUS Physics Department and the NUS Physics Society, and sponsored by the Ministry of Education. 

The camp primarily aims to instil an interest in and appreciation of Physics amongst the students through providing a highly interactive and wonderful learning experience. 

Our student representative at the camp, Raghavi Shankara, Guhan (4A) was exposed to various exciting aspects of physics through a series of activities including interesting lectures, tours of cutting-edge research facilities and hands-on demonstrations.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-08 at 10.19.48 AM.jpeg

Our Belief: Every Student can Learn Science well!