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LLP in Community & Youth Leadership

Learning for Life Programme 

Community & Youth Leadership 

The school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP) is in Community and Youth Leadership. Through our LLP, the school provides service learning platforms for our students to live the school values (礼 propriety, 义 righteousness, 廉 integrity and  self-respect), internalize the seven habits of an effective teen and working towards developing into 

21 century 君子jun zi.

In Secondary One, students are gien the opportunity to come up with their own proposals to improve the school environment.

In Secondary Two, students move a step further and begin working with external organisations to better understand the various needs of the community and to serve them.

In Secondary Three, students initiate projects after researching the needs of the different segments of the community. Next, they put up proposals on how they intend to address these needs and execute their plans during the Student Development week in Term 1 Week 10.

In Secondary Four, students research and choose a cause they feel strongly for. They then advocate its importance to their juniors in school.