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Student leadership

Mision| To develop leaders with character through strengthening leadership competencies and inculcating school values.

Vision | Achievers with Characters a 21st Century君子Jun Zi


Punggol Secondary School leverages on Student Leadership Platforms to develop every student as "Achievers with Character - 21st Century Jun Zi 君子", demonstrating the School Values of Propriety, Righteousness, Integrity and Self Respect 礼义廉耻, and 21st Century Skills as well as Social-Emotional Competencies.

This is done through our 4-Year School-Wide Student Leadership Curriculum.

Secondary 1 | Leader In Me

Through a series of leadership workshops facilitated by our own upper secondary student leaders, the newly admitted Secondary 1 students are initiated into personal leadership and mastery principles, as well as how to demonstrate School Values in their everyday school life.  Our Secondary 1 & 2 Students will also be offered opportunities to serve and learn as student leaders under the guidance of their seniors and teachers.

Secondary 2 | Developing Leaders

The Secondary 2 Adventure Training Camp further deepens the students' learning in self-management and personal leadership through the setting of a community.  They are also provided with opportunities to exercise leadership through leading small groups and activities, under the guidance of their teachers and upper sec student leaders.

Secondary 3 | Leaders In Action

At Secondary 3 Level, all students are provided with the opportunities to assume responsibilities as leaders to serve the student body, the School and the greater communities.  With customized training programmes and student-initiated projects, the Secondary 3 students learn to exercise their leadership abilities and talents.

Secondary 4 | Leading Leaders

Our Secondary 4 Student Leaders will mentor the junior leaders and in doing so, further honing their leadership skills and competencies.  They will also be participating in the Annual Project Resilience to complete their journey in personal mastery and leadership.

Leadership programmes:

Key Events

Secondary One Orientation Camp

National Youth Achievement Award

Student Council Investiture

Student Leadership Level Programmes


Student Council Developmental Curriculum

Programme on Public Speaking

CCA Overseas Adventure Camp

NE Heritage Trail

VIA - HDB Programmes

VIA - Environmental Ambassador Programme

Overseas Learning Journey

Secondary One Orientation Camp 

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National Youth Achievement Award Camp



Student Council Investiture