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1 to 1 Computing Class Protocol


21st Century Cyberspace” jun zi 君子

() Propriety

1. I will use my Chromebook and Gmail account for learning purpose. 
2. I will take care of my own Chromebook and not leave it unattended.
3. When the teacher is talking, I will close my Chromebook screen and listen to the teacher.
4. I will submit my online work punctually.
5. I will keep my account private and not share my password or personal information.

() Righteousness

1. I will advise my classmates to use their Chromebooks appropriately.
2. I will advise my classmates when they spend too much time on online games.
3. I will ask for permission to use my classmate’s Chromebook.  
4. I will report anyone who visits inappropriate websites or who uses his/her Chromebook inappropriately.
5. I will not post inappropriate emails/messages/photos online.
6. I will not use my Chromebook to cyber bully others.
7. If any of my classmates make negative comments or spread rumours, I will have the moral courage to ask them to         stop/remove the comments.

() Integrity

1. I will only download apps that are relevant for learning
2. I will not download illegal materials or visit inappropriate sites.
3. I will not copy someone else’s work and pretend that it is my own.
4. I will not hack into my classmate’s account or impersonate my classmate online.
5. I will not spread rumours online.
6. I will not cheat on online tests.
7. If I see a lost Chromebook, I will pass it to the General Office.

() Self-Respect

1. I will provide constructive feedback online to help my classmates in their learning.
2. I will self-manage my learning online.
3. I will communicate online with my friends instead of with online personas that I do not know.

Rules constructed by Students and Teachers.