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Learning For Life Programme in Community and Youth Leadership

Punggol Secondary School (PSS) seeks to develop students to become confident citizens of the future who are learners and leaders guided by values and motivated to excel. This conviction underscores the impetus behind PSS’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP). Our LLP is an enriching, values-based and value-added educational experience to enable students to become future-ready citizens with a heart for people. The school thus embarked on the LLP journey in the domain of Community and Youth Leadership.

The LLP is crafted with design and intent with equal emphasis on both community and youth leadership. Every student who journeys through PSS can expect themselves to be a part of this distinctive niche in LLP. With a strong focus on community and youth leadership, students’ voices are imperative in helping students develop ideas, opinions and empowering them to work towards achieving their aspirations steadily. LLP in PSS hence adopts a progressive and developmental model where the roles of the students and design of the programmes become increasingly complex, even as students learn to engage different stakeholders and beneficiaries. This progression is captured in the chart below.

Student Leadership Programmes.png
In PSS, we hold strong to the belief that every student can be a leader, beginning with basic leadership of self. Leadership is a quintessential part of the development of students as we prepare them to face future challenges even as they progress to post-secondary institutions and programmes. Purposeful activities and programmes are crafted to create plenty of opportunities for the development of leadership in our students. Youth leadership is thus a core tenet of the Student Leadership Programmes.

Newly oriented students in Secondary One get a taste of the LLP through the design and planning of projects to conserve the environment or projects to enhance the school environment. Students are given training and guidance in playing leadership roles such as communications (Secondary One) and project management (Secondary Two). These are lifelong skills that students will bring with them as they journey through the education system.

Given enough opportunities to acquire leadership skills and serve the needs of others, students are then given high levels of autonomy as their LLP journey culminates in a Service-Learning (SL) project in Secondary Three. Here, they are given the autonomy to decide as a class on the type of SL project they like to embark on with some guidance and facilitation by their Form Teachers. The SL project then becomes a vehicle of learning as the students engage beneficiaries more directly and understand the situations of others with empathy and concern.

In the final year of education in PSS where they face the daunting challenges of national examinations, the graduating cohort students will then extend the projects they worked on in the previous year to further advocate for social issues faced by the beneficiaries. Others will conduct research into topics of interests before sharing their findings in the public space.

Screenshot of a page from an Audio Book done by student.png
A screenshot of a page from an audio book done by our student as part of their VIA project