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Secondary 4 & 5

Achieving Excellence, Influencing Positively

2023 Year Head : Ms Vidya
2023 Assistant Year Head: Mr Wardi Endra

Achieving Excellence
  • In both academic and character
  • Making full use of our time
  • Commit to Improve

Influencing Positively
  • Advocacy
  • Role-modeling
  • Mentoring our juniors


Project Resilience

A day to test and build on the resilience of our graduating cohort, Project Resilience is a hallmark programme for every Punggolite.
In the first term of every year, Punggolites challenge themselves to go through a 10-kilometre walk together as a cohort. The project also features a study skills programme aimed to equip our students with resilience and perseverance that would serve to benefit them as they begin to prepare for their upcoming national examinations.

Meet-the-Parents Session and Career Fair

Done concurrently, our annual Meet-the-Parents session and Career Fair provides the opportunity for parents and form teachers of our graduating cohort to meet up and discuss ways to support our students in achieving their desired results. Students and parents are also able to explore the career fair in order to be more aware of the current career prospects in various fields such as in the Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Service, Aeronautical, Maritime and Childcare industries.

Free Period Academic Support

In order to maximise curriculum time, the Free Period Academic Support programme is designed to provide our students with a conducive learning environment during their respective free periods. Subject teachers are on hand to offer consultations and students are also able to revise for their upcoming assessments and ultimately, their national examinations.

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Mother Tongue Intensive Programme

In order to prepare our graduating students for the June Mother Tongue Language (MTL) paper, the Mother Tongue Intensive Programme provides our students with an immersive cultural experience to enhance the proficiency of the use of MTL languages by our students. Teachers and students alike, look forward to this programme to help with the overall readiness of our students to sit for the early MTL papers. Those who do well for this early paper are then able to focus on the other subjects in their upcoming national examinations.

Night Study Programme

Towards the final leg of preparing for the national examinations, the graduating cohort’s Night Study Programme aims to provide our students with a conducive and safe learning environment. Teachers are on hand to provide consultations and advice. Every year, it is welcomed with enthusiasm by our students. The Parent Support Group also provides dinner and snacks for our students to help them with their revision.


Graduating students attend the Night Study Programme and adhere to Safe Management Measures