Moral ()

(A) Week 10 Programmes

Sec 1 School Improvement Project

“We learnt to be hardworking and helped one another during the presentation. My classmates and I learnt to respect and be considerate to the other levels, as some of them were in class doing some projects too and others were taking their exams. We also learnt to be considerate of the places the other classes were working on and be responsible for our mess… We should not give up halfway and keep going on even if we are lacking the talents. It doesn’t matter if we made mistakes because everyone makes mistakes. We also need to have teamwork and help other groups too to show kindness.”

Hazwani, 1N2

Sec 2 VIA

"I felt happy and glad to see the elderly smiling and laughing when we were there. I felt that our visit did brighten up their day. Through this experience, I learnt that working with others is important. I also realised that to make the visit meaningful, I had to have good time management and make good use of the limited time I had there."
 Joel Tan, 2B

Sec 3 VIA

“Elderly residents require meaningful interactions with individuals from various backgrounds and we had to provide a meaningful afternoon of activities for them. Talking to the elderly, making them happy, entertaining them and seeing them smile is really meaningful and special to me. I will start taking care of my grandparents, show them the care and concern they need most.”
                                                                                                                                                                              Naisha, 3T1

Sec 4 
Project Resilience

“During the walk, I kept on motivating my friends by telling them that they can do it. I am proud of myself even though I am feeling very tired and feeling the pain throughout my legs. This is the first time I walked 26km without giving up. I learnt that no matter what happens, I must always persuade myself to continue on. I really think that this programme is awesome and I enjoyed myself through this experience. I will always remember that even if I did not do well for my common tests, I must not give up and try my very best for the next test.”

Su Wei Lin 4N1

“I never thought that I can complete the 26km walk. I will definitely carry on this resilience I have in me to my national examinations. I now understand the saying ‘mind over matter’. The company around me makes the whole journey meaningful. I should learn not to take anything for granted and Project Resilience teaches me to appreciate even the simplest things, like water.”

Spencer Tan 4C

“Some things that I have learnt through this project is that I have learnt to be patient, never give up easily and persevere. I have also learnt to encourage my friends around me and help them when they need my help. The walk was very tiring but I am very satisfied with what I have achieved. I was very appreciative of my friends who were also motivating me and told me not to give up. I will change my attitude for the better and stay focus in class similar to how I was during the walk. This walk has taught me to listen to other people especially my teachers.”

Toh Jie Ying 4T1

Cognitive ()

(A) Humanities Learning Journey

"I have learnt that water sustainability is the continual supply of clean water for human uses and other living things. I have also learnt that I can ensure that Singapore enjoys water sustainability in the long term by sharing with them the water saving methods that I have learnt and encouraging them to protect and maintain the cleanliness of Singapore's waters. From the visit to the Sengkang Wetland, I also saw and observed the different types of plants and animals living in the wetland and got to test the quality of the water at the wetland to determine its suitability for plants and animals." 

 Fong Wen Hui 1B

Physical ()

(A) Cross Country

 I feel that cross country is a good school event as it allows us to lead a healthy lifestyle and at the same time, unite the students together.

The best thing about cross country is we are able to learn and apply our school values in a fun and enjoyable way. For example, we can learn our school value; righteousness when we see rubbish on the floor, we will pick it up. That is doing the right thing. Other than that, when we see our friends struggling to finish the race, we can motivate them to persevere and not give up.

To sum it up, it’s all about believing in yourselves and knowing what your goals are.”

Zoey 4E

Social ()

(A) Internationalisation Programmes

 Japan Twinning Programme

“Even though we speak different languages, we managed to bond and even became close friends. 

Hence, I am very glad to have the chance to be able to participate in this trip. I even had the chance to talk to the Governor of Miyazaki and I felt much honoured. The school culture in Japan is such that they clean their classroom after every recess. So we brought this positive culture back to Punggol Secondary School and have different classes clean the canteen every Wednesday. In this way, we can remind ourselves to keep our area clean, for a better surrounding to study in.”

Sean Chng 3A

Volleyball Team to Kuala Lumpur

"We have learnt how to swipe the ball to avoid the opponent blocker's hand and how to read the spikers' body language when they intend to swipe the ball instead of a real spike. This training has boast our confidence in handling skilful spikers in the future."

Diyaanah, centre spiker of the Volleyball 'B' division Girls

"During training today, I have learnt how to get the contact point right when I am spiking. I realised that I have to train my muscle so that I can spike better. As a team, we have to be fitter so that we can have stamina to defend and attack consecutively."

Aveline, C girls main spiker

Sec 2 CCA Leaders Trip

"I feel very accomplished due to the fact I have managed to bond with the class, and at the same time, have them learn, and remember something from the camp. The mere fact that they continue to talk to me and even find me when I was dismissed from my classroom showed that I have been part of their memories of this camp, thus achieving a personal goal of mine: to interact better with others. This makes me feel very satisfied and proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and performing my job well even if it is new ground for me."

                                                                                                                                           Patricia Sumalinog 3A (Facilitator)

"Before the camp i thought that i would not be able to achieve much but no, i learnt a lot from this camp. I am proud of myself as i tried my best to facilitate the class and my student leaders , i managed to handle the slightly mischievous students well by the end of the camp. Honestly they are not as bad as i thought at the start i learnt to see things differently and approach the situation differently in order to handle things well. I am proud that i did not complain much but instead cherish the challenges i faced because that is where i can learn and adapt from."

                                                                                                                                               Trenyce Chong, 3B (Facilitator) 

"My best learning experience is the opportunity of being the overall camp IC for a day. Although I made a lot of mistakes, they have taught me a lesson and made me a better person. I have also learnt that being afraid of trying is going to bring me nowhere. The teachers and instructors supported me when I was an overall IC as I was feeling stressed. I would also like to thank the teachers and instructors because they were really patient with us, they have done a lot."

Adawiyah 2E

"The leadership camp was fun and enriching. I made new friends and learnt many new things. I hope to do the same next year. To tell the truth, when I knew that I was selected for the camp, I wasn’t interested at all and I came with no expectations. But during the camp, things changed and I changed too. The instructors were experienced and they taught many things. They helped me to improve on myself and the daily reflections helped me think of different solutions for other activities.

The teachers were protective of us and they were always in front of us. If we needed help, they were there to lend us a hand. I hope to have this same feelings of joy and fun next year when school begins and I am looking forward to learning new things."

Vishnu 2B

"My best learning experience is the Rafflesia hike. I learnt to get back up after I fall and keep moving and not to give up. If I had given up, I wouldn’t know and won’t be able to relate to the beautiful experience that awaited me. The teachers and instructors were also a joy during the camp and they made the camp awesome. Without them,this camp wouldn’t be a memorable one."

Matin Fikri 2D

Aesthetics ()

(A) Secondary 1 Dancesports Programme

“As I was advancing in my training, I learnt many interesting things about Samba. I learnt a little about the history of the dance - it is a Brazilian dance that originated in Africa. I realized that teamwork is very important for this dance as I need to coordinate with a partner. My flexibility has improved as well. After a few weeks of training, I have gained confidence in dancing to perform in front of my classmates. Thus I find that this skill I have picked up not only benefits me physically but has also helped me become a confident person. Taking part in this programme, has also taught me to be resilient and to never give up trying."

Nurfiqah & Justin Chew 1C