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Craft & Technology

The Craft & Technology Department comprises of Art, Design and Technology (D&T) and Nutrition and Food Science (NFS) units. All three subjects advocate a hands-on approach incorporating theory and practical skills for applied learning.

Aims and Objectives of C&T subjects

  • To equip students with knowledge and skills in Art, Design & Technology and Nutrition and Food Science in order to prepare them for work-life and to inculcate lifelong learning in them.
  • To develop in our students the ability to handle authentic project based situations and to create effective solutions.
  • To maximise the creative capacity of every student by developing curiosity, experimentation, resourcefulness, and problem solving characteristic traits in them.

Design and Technology Unit

Design and Technology Unit imparts various skills such as investigative and applied learning, resource and time management, technological knowledge, problem-solving skills, decision making and evaluation skills for authentic situations to our students. Various modes of assessment such as journal work, practical work, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based and flipped classroom assignments are used to assess the progress of students’ learning.

D&T Programmes and Highlights

Secondary 1:
  • Toy Assembly Starter Kit
  • Designing and Making of Toy Display Stand
  • Design Journal Work

Secondary 2:
  • Prototype of Solar Panel Powered Fan
  • Designing and Making of Pencil Holder
  • Design Journal Work
  • Technologies: Electronics, Structures and Mechanisms
  • Craft & Technology Week

Secondary 3:
  • Electronics and Structures Technologies Based Project
  • Design Journal Work and Modeling
  • Technologies: Structure, Electronics and Mechanisms
  • Craft & Technology Week
  • External Design Competitions

Secondary 4 & 5
  • ‘N’ and ‘O’ Level Coursework

  • SP Toy Design Competition (Automata) 2018
  • ITE Toy Design Competition (2017)

Teacher instructing students during electronic project..jpg
A teacher instructing students during a lesson on soldering

Nutrition and Food Science (NFS) Unit

The NFS unit advocates a hands-on approach in the weekly lessons that are incorporated with theory, practical and coursework skills by using the visible thinking protocol, I See, I Think, I Wonder. The coursework integrates varied skills such as investigative, resource management, technological, time management, problem solving, decision-making, evaluation and thinking skills in a food-related problem-solving project. The various modes of assessment such as oral presentation, practical work, problem-solving tasks, ICT based assessments; report writing and experiments are based on a list of success criteria and used to assess the student’s work.

NFS Programmes and Highlights

Lower Secondary:
  • Designing of Informational Poster on Diet-related Diseases
  • Designing of Healthy Snack for Specific Target Group
  • Lower Sec Elective Module (EM)
  • Craft & Technology Week

Upper Secondary:
  • F&N Coursework
  • Craft & Technology Week

Teacher supervising students cooking..jpg
A teacher supervising students cooking during lessons

Art Unit

The Art Department believes in stretching pupils' imagination and creativity by provoking their thinking and ability to respond aesthetically. Students are nurtured to have an informed awareness and appreciation for the Visual Arts which enhances their ability to identify and solve problems creatively. Students also develop competency in the art and design principles, materials and processes. These allow students to foster self-confidence and a sense of achievement through the practice of the art making, by cultivating an inquiring mind, a spirit of experimentation and a passion for the visual arts. The various mediums experienced, individual efforts through the processes and final art forms are used to assess the students’ learning.

Art Programmes and Highlights

Secondary 1
(Theme: Self-expression)
  • Element of Arts
  • Zentangle Pattern Design
  • Basic Form drawing
  • Scenery drawing
  • Techniques –Drawing/Rendering/Colouring/Shading (Dry Medium)

Secondary 2
(Theme: Self-Identity)
  • Cross Contour Drawing
  • Techniques –Drawing/Rendering/Colouring/Shading (Dry Medium)
  • Introduction to Principle Of Design
  • Introduction to Art Movements
  • Art Discussion / Critique

Secondary 4 and 5
  • Preparation for ‘N’ and ‘O’ Level Coursework

A student designing a poster during lesson. .jpg
A student designing a poster during lessons