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Computer Applications (CPA), Elements of Business (EBS), Mobile Robotics (MR) and Principles of Accounts (POA) advocate critical thinking and a hands-on approach, incorporating theory and practical skills for applied learning.

Department Programmes and Events

Elective Modules (EM)

Our Secondary 3 Normal course students attend Elective Modules (EM) programme in both Semesters 1 and 2 every year. The programme aims to broaden their learning experiences and provide for their varied learning needs and styles. EMs provide students with opportunities in skills-training and expose them to possible post-secondary education options.

Students attend EMs in various fields like Hospitality, Aeronautics, Culinary, Forensic Science, Early Childhood and Game Design. They learn course-related skills and participate in learning journeys to various industries.

The programme ends with a showcase of students’ newly acquired skills and a sharing of their learning experiences with their teachers and school leaders.

A student participating in an elective module activity..jpg
A student participating in a supervised cooking activity at a cafe

Students serving mocktails and explaining the different types of cultery to their peers.jpg

Students serving mocktails and explaining the different types of cutlery to their peers

Students engage preschool children.jpg

Students engaging preschool children in a fun lesson

Secondary 2 Normal Technical Learning Journey to Institute of Technical Education (ITE)

Experiential learning for Secondary 2NT students is an early introduction to different courses and industries that they may be interested in after secondary school. This learning journey allows students to experience different types of industries such as Engineering, Electronics and Info-Communications and Business. The learning journey to the various ITEs exposes students to a wide range of courses while experiencing the ITE’s training facilities and classes.

Secondary 3 Elements of Business Skills (EBS) Students Learning Journeys to ITE

EBS learning journeys are designed to bring students out of school to broaden their learning experiences in their learning of EBS. These learning journeys open their minds beyond textbooks, and empower them with various life skills with the intention to inspire them to the nation.