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Mother Tongue Languages

The Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) Department aims to inspire and empower each student to attain adequate language proficiency in their MTL and become passionate MTL lifelong learners. In order to achieve the vision that MTL has to be a living language for students, to be applied and valued in everyday life, our teachers believe in making lessons more engaging and interactive so that students can see the purpose and relevance of their learning experiences.

Department Programmes and Events

MTL Fortnight & Learning Journey

This 2-weeks long programme aims to create an immersive environment for the learning of MTL. A wide range of hands-on activities such as tea appreciation, making traditional food and handicrafts have been organised to provide authentic opportunities for students to speak their MTL as well as gain a better understanding of their own heritage and culture.

Students learning to make traditional food during MTL fortnight.JPG
Students learning to make traditional food during MTL fortnight

Tamil Poems and Song Appereciation_MTL Fortnight.jpeg
Students participating in an MTL Fortnight activity, where they learn to appreciate Tamil Poems and Song Appreciation

Conversational Chinese & Malay (CCM)

Conversational Chinese/Malay is MOE initiated programme since 2005. This programme aims to encourage the learning of MTL of another ethnic community in Singapore at the conversational level.

Cultural Performance Enrichment Scheme (CPES)

Every year, we will select a group of students to watch a drama performance. This is funded by the MOE committee to promote the learning of MTL. The purpose is to expose students to local theatre play and enhance students’ interest in the language and culture.

Students watching a Chinese Drama under the Cultural Performance Enrichment Scheme_CL Drama performance.jpg
Students watching a Chinese Drama under the Cultural Performance Enrichment Scheme

Overseas Learning Journey (OLJ)

We have been organising Overseas Learning Journeys to Asia countries such as China, India and Malaysia for Secondary One to Three students. The overseas learning experience aims to allow our students to experience a different education system through meaningful immersion with students from local schools and to cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation for the language and culture.

Students participating in an OLJ to China (2019).jpg
Participants of 2019 OLJ to Cheng Du, China

External Competitions

To hone our students’ language competencies, we encourage them to participate in external competitions for greater exposure. For instance, our students have participated in script writing, story-telling, translation, oratorical, essay writing and text recital competitions. Under the guidance of our teachers, our students have consistently demonstrated excellence.

Winners of 2020 Recital Text Competition.jpeg
Winners of 2020 Recital Text Competition