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Physical Education Programme

The Physical Education (PE) Department believes in providing opportunities to develop every Punggolite to acquire the skills and knowledge to build their confidence, character and values, allowing them to be a lifelong active and healthy individual with sound moral and social character, motivated to personal excellence.

PE Curriculum

Here is an overview of our PE curriculum.

Level of Study
Semester One
Semester Two
Secondary One
Outdoor Education

Physical Health Fitness
(Core Body Stretching & Strengthening)
Physical Activity:

Games Carnival Sec One
Secondary Two
Outdoor Education
(Knots and Lashing)

Physical Health Fitness
(Running, Jumping effectively)
Physical Activity:
Ultimate Frisbee

Games Carnival Sec Two
Secondary Three
Outdoor Education
(Innovative Games with focus on Communication and Safety) 
C.A.R.E / O.P.S

Physical Health Fitness
(Upper Body Strength and Conditioning)
Physical Activity:

Games Carnival Sec Three
Secondary Four
Physical Activity:

Physical Health Fitness
(Creating my own fitness training plan)
Physical Activity:
Elective Sport Module
(Floorball, Basketball, Badminton, Netball, Touch Rugby, Handball)

Department Programmes and Events

Term 1

Our Annual School Cross Country, traditionally held in Punggol Waterway, is an event that aims to provide an opportunity for students, staff and parents to practise healthy living. Through the leisure fun run and friendly competition, it also fosters friendships and creates memories for all. For participants who are more competitive, there is also a category for them and prizes to be won. Regardless of ability, this is another platform for character building and for students to exhibit resilience.

A good start is as important as being consistent.jpg
Students enthusiastically started the cross-country

Term 2

Our Outdoor Adventure Learning Camp (OALC) allows for Secondary Two students to play, learn and experience the refreshing outdoors and the exciting adrenaline pumping challenge courses on offer at the MOE Outdoor Adventure Learning Center. This is also a time for class bonding and creating memories with their peers, seniors and teachers.

Senior Students Councillors also get to develop their leadership competencies by leading and facilitating activities and reflections with their juniors.

Challenging our boundaries.jpg_vet1.jpg

Participants of the High Element obstacle as part of their OALC

Term 2 and 3

Our Annual Sports Day is held at Hougang Stadium in July. Just like the Olympic Games, it follows a series of competitive heats and qualifiers traditionally held in March and April.

During this time, students will be taught the basics of high jump, javelin, shot put, relay running. There are also a range of individual running events to choose from. All students, regardless of their ability, are encouraged to sign up to represent their class, where they will earn points contributing to the Class Championships.

While we encourage students to be competitive, we also focus on the Olympic Values of Joy of Effort, Pursuit of Excellence, Fair Play and Practicing Respect.

This event is also a platform where we encourage our students to live out our school values while achieving the Olympic Motto of Higher, Faster, Stronger.

Remove_Starting Strong.jpg

Participants gearing to start the 400 metre event

Term 4

Our Annual Games Carnival is the highlight and culmination of our different game modules taught to various cohorts.

This recreational competition creates a safe learning environment where students can apply authentically what they have learnt in class. Although the competitive spirit is strong, students practise self-respect, respect for others, respect for rules and laws of the game. This is also exemplified by the student umpires and referees.

Sports Leaders also co-organise the activities with support from the PE department. This allows them to pick up event management skills, while honing their personal leadership skills.

Reaching high and up.JPG
Students participating in an inter-class frisbee competition

Overseas Adventure Learning Journey

This fun and exciting programme aims to develop students’ leadership competencies and character development through Outdoor Adventure Learning experiences in Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia. This programme is targeted at Secondary Two students from the Student Council, CCAs and Sports Leaders. They will be exposed to organisational and leadership training and experienced outdoor activities such as white water rafting, caving, abseiling and hiking. Thereafter, students are also given authentic opportunities to serve and to practise their leadership skills in their respective areas.

Participants climb top of Batu Putih.jpg
Participants climb to the top of Batu Putih