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The Science Department aspires to ignite in our students the passion for learning Science and provide students with opportunities to expose them to scientific applications so that they are able to link real life application of Science to what they learn in school.

We provide opportunities for all students to learn science to the best of their ability in their years at Punggol Secondary School.

We have an in-house Science Enrichment Programme to ignite in our students the passion for learning Science and to expose them to scientific applications so that they could link real life application of Science to what they learn in school.

We also prepare students for relevant competitions so that they are able to develop their 21st century world skills such as presentation and public speaking. In the midst of preparing for the competitions, students are also engaged in scientific research and report writing.


International C.B. Paul Science Quiz

The international C.B. Paul Science Quiz is organized by The Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) Science and Mathematics Council in collaboration with the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National University of Singapore (NUS).

This annual event aims to provide a platform for students to develop their aptitude and potential in the pure and applied sciences through critical thinking. Participants will be able to network with other like-minded students and academia in Singapore.

1 Silver, 2 Bronze, 2 Honorable Mention, 2 Merit Awards
1 Bronze

Science Buskers Festival organised by Singapore Science Centre

Science Buskers is a festival that encompasses the idea of developing students’ communication skills through the expression of science in creative manners. Organised as a competition, this event serves as an excellent platform to spread key messages relating to the importance of inspiring an interest in science. During the competition, contestants will do a "show-and-tell" on any science topic and judging will be based on audiences' votes and judges' scores.

Three teams of Lower Secondary Science students in the Science Buskers Festival audition round in July. One of the teams made it to the finals and competed against 18 schools in the finals round (Secondary) category.
Through the entire competition, our students established excellent research and presentation skills. In addition, they understand the importance of teamwork and excel in the task assigned to them.

Judges’ Choice Award for Best Skit in the Finals
One team qualified for the Finals

Young scientists ready to impress judges.png
Young scientists ready to impress the judges

Ignite Skills Challenge organised by ITE Central

Secondary 3T1 students took part in the annual IgnITE Skills Challenge at ITE Central in 2019. The IgnITE Skills Challenge is a national-level skills competition organised by the ITE, Singapore with the aim to excite secondary school students about the value of vocational and skills education.

Two teams made it to the finals and one team clinched the third place in the Flying Saucers competition.

Students engrossed circuit tinketing challenge.png

Students engrossed in their circuit tinkering challenge

Teams qualified for the Finals
Teams qualified for the Finals
Teams qualified for the Finals and
one team emerged 2nd runner up

2019 1st SEAMEO RECSAM Science Olympiad

Punggol Secondary School participated in the 1st Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation’s Regional Centre for Education in Science and Mathematics (SEAMEO RECSAM) Science Olympiad in Penang from 4 to 8 March 2019.

Students were given opportunities to apply scientific knowledge based on real world contexts. 13 students from Secondary 2 to 4 participated in this competition.

The Olympiad comprises four levels – two levels of paper-based tests and two Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) challenges. The paper-based tests focus on scientific knowledge and problem solving, while STEM challenges require students to apply STEM principles. Through this competition, students also forged many new friendships while strengthening current ones, as they are given various opportunities to interact with participants from other countries.Our students gave this competition their very best and had a meaningful learning experience.

SEAMEO Competition.jpg

Group shot with Mr Yuji Otsuka, one of the creators of the challengers, encouraged and guided Punggolites throughout the olympiad

Student participants at the SEAMEO olympiad.jpg
Students working keenly on their scientific investigations

Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad

The Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) is a Physics competition organised by the Institute of Physics Singapore and is catered to secondary school students. This is an annual competition to encourage the study and appreciation of Physics among all secondary school students. In addition, it is also a competition to highlight Physics talents and also part of the process to identify students for early training for the IPhO (International Physics Olympiad).

This year, nine students from Sec 4A & 4E, and five students from Sec 3D, participated and nine of them received honourable mention.

1 student achieved the Bronze Medal
9 students achieved Honorable Mentions

2020 Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad (SJBO)

Organised by The Singapore Institute of Biology in collaboration with Science Centre Singapore, and supported by the Ministry of Education, SJBO provides a platform for upper secondary students to challenge themselves further in the area of biology, and is an initiative built on their strong grasp on fundamentals – as evidenced by Singapore’s recent PISA results.

SJBO will focus on critical thinking skills as applied to biology, and it is hoped that students develop a holistic culture and passion in learning and applying biology in their lives.

This year, the competition was an online Theory Test as a home-based, open book test. Although by no means ideal, this alternative will retain SJBO as an avenue for the bright minds of Biology to continue to challenge themselves and further their learning during this Covid-19 period.

10 students from 4A and 4B participated in SJBO 2020 and all received the Certificate of Merit award.

Participants received Certificates of Merit.png
Participants received their Certificates of Merit with teacher-in-charge, Mr Teo Chin Ann