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Aesthetics Programme

Aesthetics education in PSS provides students with the opportunity to be exposed to various genres of the arts. As students are engaged in their choice of art form, they are able to have an avenue for expression as they discover their own voice, grow confidently and develop empathy and appreciate beauty in the world through multiple perspectives.

The 4’E’ Approach in Aesthetics
Students to be exposed to various arts forms through:
- Assembly programmes (Upper and Lower Sec)
- Showcase of students’ works and performances
- Learning journeys to exhibitions/ performances
Engagement and Expression
Students to be engaged in meaningful aesthetics experiences which allows for expression through:
- Art and Music Curriculum
- Aesthetics Programmes/ Workshops
- Aesthetics CCAs (Choir, Guzheng, Band, Dance, ELDDS, TLDDS)
- Performance platforms in and out of school
(eg. Lunchtime performance, school events etc)
Students to excel in various aesthetics forms through various platforms like:
- Singapore Youth Festival (SYF)
- Other external aesthetics competitions

Aesthetics Programme

As part of Punggol Secondary School’s emphasis on holistic development and nurturing students in the 5 domains (德智体群美), Secondary 1 students got to experience art forms such as traditional Ethnic Percussion, Dancesports, or Visual Arts programme. Students who displayed strong passion in aesthetics received advanced training for them to showcase their talents through school and public performances. Through the aesthetics programme, students cultivate artistic discipline which strengthens their character and holistic development.

Students participate percussion programme.jpg
Students participating in the percussion programme.

A Dance Sport performance by sec one students.jpg
A Dance Sport performance by Secondary One students.

Music Education

Music education in Punggol Secondary School is guided by the belief that music, as part of aesthetics appreciation, is an important element of students’ lives. We believe that every student can be creative and is able to exercise their musical ideas in a safe and inspiring environment during their time in the school. The students learn about various music genres and take up skills like playing the guitar and percussion where they will work with classmates to form bands, to create and perform cover songs and originals.

Students learn play guitar and compose music.jpg
Students learn to play the guitar and compose music during music lessons.

Members staff participate learn of aesthetics.jpg
Members of staff participating in the learning of aesthetics as well.