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PSS Student Support Team


  • School Counsellors
    • Ms Alison Tan, Extn: 260
School counsellors work with staff, students, parents, external professionals and community agencies to provide quality school counselling support for students’ mental health and social-emotional development.

  • Allied Educator - Learning & Behavioural Support (AED LBS)
    • Norshida Mahmood, Extn:287
    • Seema Devi, Extn:260
AED (LBS) provides structured and systematic support to students with mild special educational needs (SEN) in order to enable them to integrate better in mainstream schools.

  • School Welfare Officer (SWO)
    • Ms Nazratul Nadiah, Extn:288
SWO  AED provides student-centric casework support for students-at-risk and their families.

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Students and parents can speak to the form teachers or Year Heads about any problems students may be facing. If additional support is required, teachers will get in touch with parents to explore for a referral to the PSSST.



Part of the counselling process involves a therapeutic relationship between the student and counsellor. Confidentiality is maintained and information is shared by the school counsellor on a need-to-know basis, with the exceptions where safety becomes a concern to the student, or law has been breached.