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Parenting Resources by MOE

Dear Parents,
Here are some resources which might be helpful for you, as you guide your child through FHBL. 

Click the link below on what to expect of home-based learning:
Explanation by Deputy Director-General of Education (Curriculum) 

Here are some resources for your reference: 

1) Supporting your child through Home-Based Learning


2) HBL Kit (part 1) - Don't worry, be steady

 3) HBL Kit (part 2) - Don't worry, be steady

4) HBL Kit (part 3) - Stay home, Stay Safe, Stay Curious!

5) HBL Kit (part 4) - Stay home, Stay Safe, Stay Curious!

6) Resource Kit - School Holiday Edition

7) Resource Kit For Parents- Back To School

8)Parent Kit - Cyber Wellness For Your Child

9) Useful Parenting Tips In The Digital Age

10) Keep Calm and Carry On Parenting Resource kit

11) Is your child a responsible digital learner?

12) Schoolbag.sg

Check this link for some healthy snack ideas for your child.

Here is the official government site that consolidates accurate, relevant and updated information on the Covid-19 situation.

For those of you who wish to find out where and how to seek help, please refer to Support Go Where