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Parents Gateway

Parents Gateway is a mobile app specially designed for parents. Developed by MOE and GovTech, this app allows parents to engage closely with schools, receive information and perform a range of administrative functions including giving consent for school trips.

Parents can download the free Parents Gateway mobile app on their handphones (available on iOS and Android platforms only) and perform a simple one-time onboarding process. Parents who are onboard Parents Gateway will receive information via the mobile app.

The free app will bring several benefits, including:
-    Providing parents with timely information about school events (eg. enrichment and CCA activities)
-    Enabling parents to perform a range of function including given consent for school tips
-    Reducing usage of paper and decreasing environmental impact (Hard copies will no longer be provided.)

All parents are encouraged to download and the PG app as it will bring significant benefits for parents, teachers and the school.

Please refer to the following guides for:

1)    Getting onboard PG

2)    User Guide for Parents