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Positive Parenting Programme

In order to support parents in building a healthy relationship with their child, our school has embarked on the Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P) since 2015. It is one of the most effective evidence-based parenting programmes in the world, with more than 30 years of research. Supported by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), Triple P is a preventive programme that provides parents with simple and practical strategies to manage teenage behaviour and foster strong parent-teenager relationships.

The Triple P is based on five basic principles. They are:
  • To ensure a safe and engaging environment at home
    This helps promote the healthy development of the child.

  • To create a positive learning environment
    Parents learn how to respond constructively to their children's requests for help and attention and through this, help their children solve problems for themselves.

  • To use assertive discipline
    Parents learn how to use effective strategies such as giving clear and calm instructions, using time-outs and planned ignoring, instead of resorting to ineffective practices such as shouting, threatening or using physical punishment.

  • To have realistic expectations
    Parents explore their expectations about the causes for their children's behaviour and choose goals that are realistic for both themselves and their children. Parents who are at risk of abusing their children are more likely to have unrealistic expectations of their children's capabilities.

  • To take care of themselves as parents
    Parents are encouraged to view parenting as part of a larger context of personal well-being and self-care.

You may refer to the Powerpoint slides on the effectiveness of the Triple P Programme.

From 2020, MSF has appointed Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) to support parents in Punggol Secondary School.

The MWS Family Support Programme (FSP) is an upstream programme designed to guide parents and teens. The MWS FSP will adopt a regional and multidisciplinary approach to deliver evidence-based parenting support services. It serves as a regional anchor to deliver family services from a client-centered perspective. This region-based programme enables MWS to better assist and coordinate the delivery of client-centered family services.

The MWS FSP aims to achieve greater awareness and access to community support networks and resources. Holistic support services will be accessible to targeted families with multiple needs. To aid in this, Punggol Secondary School will provide meeting spaces for parents interested in the Triple P programme. Through these sessions, we hope to equip parents with evidence-based parenting knowledge and skills so as to strengthen parent-child relationships.

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