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Rental of Lockers 

a.               Rental for lockers in 2023 remains at $26/year. Students on MOE FAS 2023 are to pay in full in the booking system first before a refund will be made by the vendor directly to parents, at school’s subsidised amount of $6/student, by the end of term 1 2023.

b.               Locker rental comes with a lock provided by the vendor and should students decide to use their own lock, they must keep the vendor’s lock (students to leave the vendor lock inside the locker) and return it when the rental expires. During the rental period, students are responsible for the hygiene and general upkeep of the lockers. If students damage or misplace the lock, they will have to be fully responsible for any costs incurred.

c.                Students must use their own school email address xxx@students.edu.sg to register as a new user. This means that this year’s registration is no longer valid as the vendor is upgrading their rent-a-locker system. Students must also indicate their 2023 Class when booking for their new lockers. Please refer to step-by-step online booking guide below.

d.               2023 Sec 2 and 4 students will be informed of their 2023 class and register number by their respective Year Heads by 25 Nov. They may register for their new lockers from Dec 1 – Dec 15.

e.               2023 Sec 3 students may register from 27 Dec since we will need more time to finalise the 2023 classes and register number due to the Sec 3 Subject Combination Exercise. The school will inform all Sec 3 students of their new class and register number by 27 Dec. 

f.                 Students may start to use their lockers from 9 Jan 2023.

Guide on Rent-a-Locker Online Application

Go to  www.rent-a-locker.com and click on “Register as a New User”


a.           Register using Student’s Email xxx@students.edu.sg under “Email (UserID)” 

b.           Click on “Register” and you will receive an email for activation of your account.

              Once activation is successful, you may proceed to book and pay for a locker as follows:

              1)  Log in your registered account

              2)  Click on “My Booking” and “ADD A NEW BOOKING”

              3)  Step 1: Select a Booking Period then click on “Next”

                  Step 2: Click on student’s Class in 2023 under “Location”

                  Step 3: Confirm the information below and proceed to “Payment”.

  •         Client:  ‘Punggol Secondary School’
  •         Location: ‘Class’
  •         Cluster: ‘Classroom Location’
  •         Locker Size: ‘Small’
  •         Period: ‘Academic Year 2023: 01/01/2023 to 31/10/2023’
  •         Booking Amount ($): 26.00

             (Please take note that once booking is confirmed, the system is unable to accept changes)

c.       You are then connected to the eNets website for payment. MOE FAS to pay in full and receive refund of $6 (i.e. school’s subsidy) from vendor at a later date.

d.       eNets will send you an email notification of your transaction status after you click on “Submit”.

e.       Check student’s email for confirmation of payment. If payment fails, please log in your account and go to “My Booking” to make payment for this booking. 

          Unpaid booking will automatically be cancelled after 3 days. Do not click “ADD A NEW BOOKING” as you already have a booking pending for payment.

f.        Once a locker has been paid and allocated, you will be notified via student’s email.


For any enquiries on online locker booking, please click “Support” in the rent-a-locker website or call Kaichi Spacemaster Pte Ltd at 62820868 or email to www.spacemasterlockers.com