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Information on 'N' Levels Admission Exercise

4 Normal Academic students

 Application for Various Pathways Instructions 
 Application for PFP
Submit online application to 5N(A).
Apply for PFP in January 2023 after 'O' level results release.
 Application for DPP,
ITE (Higher Nitec)
Submit online application via the ITE website (https://www.ite.edu.sg)
by 22 December 2022, 5pm.
 Application for NFP,
Submit online application via (go.gov.sg/applynafafp)
by 30 December 2022. 
Application for 5 Normal Academic  Submit online application to 5NA form below
by 22 December 2022, 5pm.
 Application for JIE 'N'.
ITE (Nitec)

Submit online application via (go.gov.sg/applyforjie

by 22 December 2022, 5pm.

 Accepted into ITE EAEITE EAE Students do not need to reapply.  

4 Normal Technical students

Application for Various Pathways Instructions 
 Application for JIE 'N'.
ITE (Nitec)

Submit online application via (go.gov.sg/applyforjie

by 22 December 2022, 5pm.

 Accepted into ITE EAEITE EAE Students do not need to reapply.  

More Information Can Be Found Via These Websites

PFP – Polytechnic Foundation Programme

PFP is a one-year programme that offers a practice-oriented curriculum taught by polytechnic lecturers to better prepare polytechnic-bound N(A) students for entry into relevant polytechnic diploma courses.


PFP students are given provisional places in diploma programmes, subject to them passing all modules in the one-year PFP.

PFP Application.jpg


DPP – Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme

DPP allows secondary 4N(A) students to be admitted directly into a two-year Higher Nitec programme at ITE without having to sit for the O-Level examinations or undergo a Nitec programme.


DPP students who successfully complete their Higher Nitec courses at ITE and attain the required qualifying Grade Point Average (GPA) scores are guaranteed a place in a polytechnic diploma course mapped to their Higher Nitec course.

Details on DPP.jpg


JIE ‘N’ / JIE ‘E’ – Joint Intake Exercise

The JIE ‘N’ is for GCE N(T)-/N(A)-Level holders to apply for the two-year Nitec course.


The JIE ‘E’ is for GCE N(T) students to apply for the three-year Nitec course with Enhanced Nitec Foundation Programme.

Details on JIE N and JIE E.jpg


ITE EAE – ITE Early Admissions Exercise

ITE EAE is an aptitude-based admissions exercise that allows students to apply and receive conditional offers for admission to ITE based on their aptitude and interest, prior to receiving their final GCE N-Level examination results. It allows students to demonstrate their aptitudes and interests apart from academic grades, thus allowing a wider range of talents to be recognised.

Details on ITE EAE.jpg


NFP – NAFA Foundation Programme

NFP is a one-year practice-based programme that prepares N(A)-level holders to pursue a diploma in the creative arts.

Details on NAFA.jpg


5N(A) E-Application Form

5NA Application form-updated.png


4N(A) Repeat E-Application Form

4NA Rep Application form-updated.jpg


Booking form for ECG counselling with Ms Corinne Tan

Booking form for ECG Counselling with Ms Corrine Tan.jpg