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Semestral Conduct Grade

B.11 Semestral Conduct Grade

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Note to Parents:

a) During the conduct grading exercise a panel comprising Discipline Teachers, Year Heads, Form Teachers
and Subject Teachers will decide on students’ conduct grades.
b) Students who receive Fair/Poor conduct grades disqualify themselves from overseas trips, Edusave
Awards and other privileges for the next 6 months.
c) A student may get a Fair/Poor grade for any of the misbehaviours stated in the category.
d) Demerit points are given to misbehaviours/minor offences in classroom. Each offence carries 1 demerit
point. Once a student accumulates a certain total, parents will be informed or requested to come for
e) The school management reserves the right to amend and update the conduct grade criteria as and when it deems necessary. Students will be informed of the amendments before the new semester begins.