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Secondary 4 & 5

Year Head 4 & 5

Ms Angeline Chew

Assistant Year Head 4 & 5

Mr Wardi Bin Endra 


Project Resilience


During the Student Development Week, the graduating cohort embarked on a journey of self-discovery - Project Resilience.  Project Resilience includes Character and Citizenship Education lessons and reflections on resilience. This was followed by a 26-km walk that started from Changi Coastal Road and ended in school. The students had an overnight camp and a warm-down session the next morning. They also reflected as a class, then as a cohort during the closing ceremony.

The project aims to imbue the graduating students with a sense of resilience and fortitude, and in the process, create a special bond with one another. It is also aimed at cultivating positive attitudes like preparedness as the ten weeks of preparation students go through in Term 1 mirrors the ten months to the National Examinations.

Students who completed the 26-km walk received a certificate of accomplishment and a collar pin which they wore proudly on their uniforms.







Meet The Parents & Career Fair

Sec 4/5 Meet the Parents Session cum Education and Career Guidance Fair was conducted on 1st April 2017.  The event was planned in 3 Sessions. 1st session was the talk on School’s direction conducted by Mr Keh. Followed by Polytechnic representative’s talk on Multiple Pathway’s for students. The highlight of the talk was the criteria for Early Admissions Exercise. The Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) is an aptitude-based admissions exercise that allows students to apply and receive conditional offers for admission to the polytechnics based on their aptitudes and interests, prior to receiving their final grades. It gives the polytechnics greater flexibility to select and admit students on criteria other than their academic grades, thus allowing a wider range of talents to be recognized.

2nd Portion of the MTPS was for parents to meet Form Teachers and Subject Teachers of their child/ward to get feedback on the academic progress. All parents were able to meet at least one teacher and gained fruitful information on pertinent questions.

3rd portion of the MTPS was the Education and Career Guidance Fair. All Polytechnics were represented with ITE, SIM Academy, NAFA, LASALLE and Eunoia JC in attendance. In total, 11 tertiary institutes were present. Modern Montessori, Singapore Maritime Academy and Singapore Nursing Association were also present to share on career opportunities to our students and parents.




Flag Day 2017

The Secondary 4 and 5 students participated in the Boys’ Town Flag Day on 31 May 2017. Boys’ Town is a charity that helps youths at risk  through
our services and programmes to equip them with the skills they need to become responsible and contributing members of society. Upon the completion of the GCE O Level Mother Tongue Papers the day before, working together for a good cause was a welcomed relief for the students. The students rallied, together with their form teachers went to various parts of Singapore and raised a total of $16273.23 for Boys’ Town.